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At LBMC we realize that people are most effective and generally happier overall when they are allowed to nurture a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. Meet some of our people. We strive for continual satisfaction in this area of our practice which in return provides continuity of our engagement teams and a higher level of staff and client contentment.

Each fall we visit local and surrounding area college campuses searching for top talent and fresh thinkers to join our team. We understand that today’s college graduates are looking for more than just a job, they are looking for development and opportunities to give back to their community. As one of the top firms in the U.S. we are able to offer you more than just a job, we offer you a future that is as bright as you want to make it.

As a growing firm, LBMC can offer a challenging and rewarding career path for accounting professionals.  LBMC actively recruits from and participates in the Beta Alpha Psi honor accounting fraternity at various universities.