Tennessee Tax Audit Defense / Representation

Tennessee Tax Audit Defense / Representation

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Sales & Use Tax, Business Tax, Franchise, Excise Tax

LBMC is a Tennessee-based CPA firm with a dedicated state & local tax practice.  Our experienced team of professionals understand the Tennessee audit process, including the informal taxpayer conference; have assisted clients with audit issues for all types of taxes; and have a strong working relationship with the Department of Revenue’s management staff.

Tennessee Tax Audit Services

  • Have you received a notice of intent to audit from the Tennessee Department of Revenue and are overwhelmed by the amount of information requested?
  • Are you being to ask sign forms, such as the statute of limitations waiver, which only seem to benefit the State?
  • Have you been selected to use statistical sampling for the sales tax portion of the audit and have questions and/or concerns?
  • Has the auditor identified issues in the audit and proposed adjustments where you disagree with the auditor’s position and related support?
  • Are you comfortable that the auditor has looked for potential overpayments as well as deficiencies?
  • If the audit has concluded and you still disagree with some of the auditor’s proposed adjustments, what are your options?
  • Do you understand the Department’s informal taxpayer conference process?

LBMC can be your advocate in the Tennessee audit process.  We can manage the entire process; intervene, on your behalf, and consult with you from any point in the audit; and/or represent you at the informal conference.  Let our experience benefit you.