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Reduce Business Stress with Enterprise Content Management



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  1. Where do you spend most of your day?
  2. Where does the majority of your stress originate?

If you answered “work,” LBMC can help with that.

How enterprise content management can help you reduce business stress

LBMC Technology Solutions helps people relieve business stress by implementing technology to simplify processes, remove the daily obstacles that frustrate to no end, and automate tasks.

As an Authorized OnBase Reseller and OnBase Diamond Support VAR, we have seen firsthand how managing files (paper and digital) and workflow processes can help people and businesses take control and be proactive.

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3 Ways to Relieve Business Stress with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 

1. Digitize

Whether you have a large back file of documents or a daily buildup of paper you need to process, the first step to going digital is capturing the information from those physical files. There is a breadth of solutions for scanning and capture projects of all sizes and complexity that you can implement at your organization.

The faster your electronic documents are available to your business system, the sooner your users and business processes will benefit.

2. Ensure Access

So what happens when you eliminate that physical filing cabinet? After all, you’ll still need a place to store the myriad files, and easily access them as needed.

There’s a plethora of document and enterprise information management platforms out there to consider, and it is key to identify a system that meets your needs. Does it offer Cloud options? How is it evaluated by third-party experts?  Will it complement existing systems while being able to expand as a unified information management platform down the road?

Every organization is different and has unique considerations that must be met, but the evaluation of these platforms doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are just getting started, we have the tools that can help you head down the simple path to make an informed decision and implement the right system for your organization’s files.

The trick is to take the time and do the in-depth research necessary to find the right solution – for now and in the future.

3. Automate Standard Processes

Streamlining your core business operations—like being able to access all of your accounts receivables data and documents from one location—can yield significant savings. Regardless of how or where documents are received (electronic or paper), with capture and automated payment posting, you can immediately recognize improved reconciliation processes.

Better audit controls, efficient alerts for remittance and payer issues and reduced costs for payment posting and denials management are only some of the benefits. Defining the appropriate business rules upfront will allow you to orchestrate the appropriate route for your electronic files, giving you the greatest payoff of saved time. And more accurate processes.

All of these areas that improve our businesses in terms of productive time, headaches avoided, and goals accomplished.

LBMC Technology Solutions gets to know your business in order to recommend, implement, customize, and support business systems such as OnBase to help you make the most of your day and do business better.  

And, perhaps as a result, improve your state of mind. 

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OnBase is the comprehensive ECM solution that integrates with your existing systems. LBMC's OnBase Survival Kit tells you everything you need for your OnBase integration to survive and thrive.

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