In today’s competitive hiring environment, many of you have probably faced the following scenario while trying to secure the best candidate: You have interviewed a sharp candidate that is perfect for the job, has the right skill set and fits with the company’s culture. You are ready to make an offer, but you find out the candidate has two other offers. Now the pressure is on.

Today’s market is more employee-driven than employer-driven. This type of market requires employers to “sell” their opportunity and company while interviewing candidates. The candidate you want might be taken by someone who knows today’s competitive market. Don’t let that happen. Be prepared to make an appealing offer by following these steps:

    1. Have a good understanding of the market you’re in
      Candidates are expecting a competitive salary. To be able to offer this, employers need to know what this means. There are different ways to get to know your market. The most accessible option is desk research. The Internet has information about everything, but be careful, not everything is accurate. Another way to get to know the market you are in is by customized resources such as customer research or salary surveys. A more efficient and effective way would be through a local recruiter. At LBMC Strategic Staffing we know current trends for each market we serve and can educate and strategize with our clients so their offers can be appealing and competitive. You can also download our current salary guides.
    2. Show off time: Emphasize why your company is a great place to work
      This is the time in the interview where you address all the advantages of the opportunity you’re offering, as well as the company’s strengths. The candidate is probably thinking: “Why would I want to come work here?” To answer this question, explain what makes your company stand out. Personal gratification will always overcome salary compensation in the long run. Yes, people need to pay the mortgage, expenses and multiple other things; however, one of the things that attract employees the most is knowing they will be able to grow within the company. People want to feel challenged and that they can make a difference. Your company’s growth pattern is an asset. Use it.
    3. Express your interest in a timely manner
      The hiring process time frame has shortened in the last years. Therefore, after talking to a top candidate do everything in your power to show your interest as soon as possible. As we say at LBMC, “Time kills all deals.” The more time that passes, the excitement decreases, and the risk of losing your candidate of choice increases. The era of a one-way interview is long over. During the interview, keep in mind the candidate sitting in front of you is also trying to evaluate if this is where they want to come to work. Next time you meet a top candidate, apply these three steps to increase your chances of securing the best candidate for that job.