Human resources can be a complex and varied job that requires skills ranging from accounting to managing difficult people. HR representatives today often must use multiple tech platforms and different vendors to accomplish everyday tasks. The work of managing all these different tasks can be overwhelming, and many HR departments suffer as a result.

But, there is a simple solution for scattered HR departments. Instead of using different vendors for each aspect of human resources, HR can rely on the same provider for both technology and employee benefits. By integrating these two aspects of the job, HR departments can streamline their work. Here are some of the advantages:

Higher Efficiency

When HR uses different providers for benefits and technology, company reps are often forced to do the same tasks multiple times on different platforms. With one single provider, there is only one platform and one set of information for each individual task. This saves time for the HR department and also for employees who will have one set portal for all their information.

Better Integration

When information is spread across multiple places, it gets lost. Having employees input information into one technology platform and then request benefits from another can be a recipe for disaster. By using the same provider for HR technology and benefits, employees don’t have to worry about making requests and changing information in the wrong place.


Aside from the time saved by combining benefits brokers and HR technology providers, companies who combine vendors will also likely save money. Using a broker who also provides HR technology consolidates costs. It also allows HR representatives to see all employee information in one place, making it easier to identify places to cut costs and make future changes with new employees.

Streamlined Communication

By getting multiple HR services from one place, companies reduce the number of people with whom they need to be in regular communication. With one point of contact, communication becomes simpler, and it’s easier to track who is accountable for particular problems.

Simpler Compliance

With constantly changing laws and healthcare regulations, keeping HR in compliance is difficult enough without juggling multiple systems. When information about healthcare and other employee data is in different places, compliance issues can easily go unnoticed. Combining an HR technology provider and a benefits broker puts everything in one place, allowing HR professionals to easily locate and solve compliance issues.

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