When it comes to health insurance and employee benefits, the information you’re provided can sometimes be difficult to understand. Speaking to medical or insurance providers about billing, claims, or prescriptions can even leave you feeling like you must learn a new language of sorts to communicate effectively. For LBMC Employment Partners’ PEO and broker clients and their employees, this is where Advocacy Services can save the day.

Advocacy Services is an outsourced program available to all actively working health insurance members and their dependents for whom LBMC EP brokers insurance. Since 2006, LBMC Employment Partners has partnered with Margaret Smith of Medical Accounts Management to help employees and their families not only understand their medical, dental, and vision coverages but to also make sure these coverages are working as they should. “The partnership with LBMC Employment Partners has been a match made in heaven for all of us. If I do my job right, I can help the employee, the broker, and the employer,” Smith says.

From alternatives to appeals, Advocacy Services will walk through multiple scenarios to come up with the best possible solutions. Here are five ways Margaret and her team can guide you through the health insurance maze:

  • Explain your benefits in language you can understand
  • Investigate and resolve claims and billing issues with medical providers and insurance companies
  • Facilitate the appeals process
  • Review pharmacy and prescription options for employees who have expensive monthly prescriptions
  • Answer questions about Medicare and help determine when is best to enroll

For Margaret Smith and her team, providing these services is more than just a job. They are true advocates, speaking in defense and support of the client. “I enjoy providing these services because I feel like I’m truly helping people. Though I’ll never meet most of these individuals face to face, I get to know them personally and can provide them with the help and solutions they need,” affirms Smith.

If you are an active employee of one of LBMC EP’s PEO or broker clients, you should contact Advocacy Services at 615-386-1153 or 866-538-1153 or via email at msmith@yesmam.com if you have any questions about your health insurance benefits or are having problems with a medical provider or the insurance company. We are happy to make sure your health insurance benefits are working correctly for you.

The experts at LBMC Employment Partners are also ready and willing to answer any questions related to the benefits of Advocacy Services, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more!