In the intricate landscape of health insurance and employee benefits, the wealth of information available often presents itself as a daunting maze to both HR professionals and employees alike. Communicating with medical and insurance providers can sometimes feel like deciphering a foreign language, especially when dealing with matters like billing intricacies, claims procedures, and prescription coverage. However, for LBMC Employment Partners’ PEO and broker clients and their employees, a beacon of clarity shines through in the form of Advocacy Services.

Since 2006, LBMC Employment Partners has joined forces with the esteemed Margaret Smith of Medical Accounts Management to offer an outsourced Advocacy Services program. Designed to assist all actively employed health insurance members and their dependents, this program helps bridge the gap between convoluted health insurance details and practical understanding. Beyond comprehension, Advocacy Services ensures that the coverage in place operates seamlessly and efficiently. Margaret Smith reflects on the partnership, stating, “The collaboration with LBMC Employment Partners has been a harmonious synergy that benefits all stakeholders involved. When executed effectively, my role not only aids the employees but also supports the broker and the employer.”

Embarking on a journey to streamline health insurance intricacies, Advocacy Services deftly navigates through various scenarios, presenting solutions tailored to the individual. Here are five indispensable ways in which Margaret and her adept team adeptly guide both HR professionals and employees through the health insurance labyrinth:

  1. Translating Benefits into Understandable Terms: By breaking down complex insurance jargon, Advocacy Services ensures that employees comprehend their benefits thoroughly, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  2. Resolving Claims and Billing Challenges: Advocacy Services steps in to investigate and resolve any discrepancies or challenges that arise in the realm of claims and billing, liaising with both medical providers and insurance companies for swift resolution.
  3. Facilitating Appeals Process: In cases where disputes arise, Margaret’s team effectively facilitates the appeals process, advocating for the employees’ rights and ensuring a fair resolution.
  4. Optimizing Pharmacy and Prescription Plans: For employees with high-cost monthly prescriptions, Advocacy Services undertakes a comprehensive review of pharmacy and prescription options, ensuring the best coverage is in place.
  5. Guiding Through Medicare Enrollments: Margaret Smith’s team also extends its expertise to guide employees through the complexities of Medicare, providing guidance on optimal enrollment timings.

The ethos of Advocacy Services transcends mere professional obligations; it embodies the spirit of genuine advocacy, standing as a pillar of support for clients. Margaret Smith articulates her passion for this role, asserting, “I find immense satisfaction in these services, as I believe I am genuinely making a positive impact. While I may not meet most individuals in person, I develop a personal connection, enabling me to offer the solutions they genuinely need.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of health insurance, the complexities can often be overwhelming, leaving both HR professionals and employees in need of a guiding hand. Your dedication to ensuring the well-being of your employees extends beyond their work duties, encompassing their health and peace of mind. Advocacy Services stands as a beacon of support, ready to untangle the intricacies of health insurance and transform them into comprehensible solutions.

Your proactive stance in reaching out to Advocacy Services showcases your commitment to not only understanding the nuances of health insurance but also guaranteeing that your employees receive the full benefits they deserve. Whether it’s deciphering the fine print of benefits, resolving claims disputes, or optimizing prescription coverage, our team is dedicated to navigating this maze on your behalf.

Empower your role as a human resources professional by partnering with Advocacy Services. If you are an active employee within LBMC EP’s PEO or broker clients, reaching out to Advocacy Services at 615-386-3356 or 800-684-4440, or via email at, opens the door to valuable assistance. Let us steer you toward a future where health insurance complexities are transformed into manageable solutions.

The experts at LBMC Employment Partners eagerly await the opportunity to share the advantages of Advocacy Services, guiding you toward a new era of informed, efficient, and effective health insurance management. Your proactive step today secures a smoother, more knowledgeable insurance navigation for all your employees.

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