U.S. Manufacturers Optimistic Despite Challenges

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2019 Business Outlook Trends for Manufacturing

What does 2019 look like for the manufacturing industry? LBMC conducted a national survey covering business unit leaders in eight industries, including manufacturing. The survey collected responses to determine a baseline of optimism and strategy preferences over the past 12 months and the coming 12 months.


Manufacturers – What’s your company’s budgeting process?

You’re more likely to have an emotional investment in your annual budget and work harder to achieve your company’s goals if your mindset is creating budget that aligns with your goals and competition.


Cycle Counting Overhauls, Streamlines Inventory Process While Keeping Operations Up and Running

Cycle counting is a process that replaces comprehensive annual inventories with smaller counts conducted on a continuous basis. In this article learn how investing in a cycle counting inventory system now can create savings for your business in the long run.


Leadership in the Digital Age…The more things change the more things stay the same.

The leader encounters ever-changing technology almost daily that didn’t exist a couple decades ago, but the most important tenets of leading people and organizations remain the same.


2018 Tennessee Manufacturing Trends

Tennessee executives rank our state’s business outlook higher than the national averages.


Tennessee manufacturers need skilled workers

If you’re interested in finding a job in a growing industry in a place where employers and state government are eager to help you get the skills you need, look no further than the manufacturing industry in Tennessee.


3 ways Nashville manufacturers can ensure 3% growth

Now that we’re half-way through the year and looking toward 2018 — with the economy standing strong — how can manufacturers remain focused on key initiatives and priorities? Here are three takeaways.


Seven in 10 manufacturers expect at least 3 percent growth in 2017

Seven in 10 U.S. manufacturers expect revenue growth of at least 3 percent this year, but labor issues — including the lack of qualified workers — are seen as a significant challenge to expansion.


How will new accounting standards impact your business?

With major changes coming down the road in the accounting for leases and revenue, now is the time to start planning for their impact on your business.