Interview Tips for the Candidate

Here are a few interview tips to help you sell yourself, prepare you for the things to remember and not to do during an interview.


What is a Performance Achievement Plan?

Performance Achievement Plans, in place of traditional employee evaluations, work best when they are an integral part of an employee achievement workplace culture.


5 Characteristics of Millennials in the Workplace

Keep in mind these characteristics of millennials when working with this generation of workers.


Does your social presence represent you in the right way?

Your online social presence is essential to your personal brand and an important component of any job search.


8 Productive Interview Questions to Ask Applicants

Productive interview questions can be vital to the success of your interview. Read this article for our top 8 recommended questions.


INFOGRAPHIC – Employee Retention Motivators

Give employees a reason to stay with these top motivators…. Read more »


Tips for Hiring High Caliber Technology Developers

The need to employ high caliber technology developers continues to rise. Through the work of LBMC, we have found key drivers that influence the candidate to not only want to accept your offer, but they will remain loyal and engaged in your organization.


Employee Retention Motivators Infographic

Give employees a reason to stay with these top motivators: advancement opportunities, job and company stability,
positive culture, competitive pay and benefits, flexible and remote work hours, and more.


Retaining Key Employees: Give them a Reason to Stay

Retaining key employees is critical. Retention has become a top priority for employers and this article covers several factors valued employees cited as reasons to stay.


How businesses can benefit from temporary consultants

If your organization is growing rapidly, temporary consultants can help you level the load until you know whether you need to hire more permanent employees.