Many businesses are enhancing or creating their human resources departments by partnering with an HR outsourcing provider. This gives them a dedicated HR business partner, also known as an HR account manager, that works with the employer both strategically and tactically. HR business partners work with executive leadership, employees, and HR professionals to provide support depending on what the company needs. This can include implementing and communicating various human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, and government regulations. An HR business partner is a consultant who works in human resources, building relationships and providing resources to align with overall business goals for transformation and growth.

Here are three ways an HR business partner can benefit your company.

1. Strengthen company culture and employee experience

Company culture and employee experience go hand in hand. Without a positive employee experience, company culture can be neglected, resulting in higher turnover rates and a poor work environment. HR business partners can help enhance the employee experience by providing guidance for onboarding, such as HR training and benefits orientation. HR business partners provide guidance on new benefit plan designs or assist in the education of current offerings as needed. Your employee benefits package and streamlined HR processes can have a significant positive impact on not only new team members, but also current staff. By assisting with your HR operations, HR business partners can strengthen employee experience.

2. Be proactive vs reactive

HR business partners provide a comprehensive review of all practices, documents, and forms – from hiring to termination and everything in between. They review policies for consistent execution and effectiveness of the administrative systems and methods of operations. The review of human resources policies and practices may include recommended changes or additions based on current legislation. HR business partners also craft and deliver training to better prepare or help your team through a sensitive issue. For example, training sessions can be centered around interpersonal skills, harassment in the workplace, or discrimination. HR business partners can help you face HR issues more proactively.

3. Stay current with HR compliance

Although business owners and HR professionals know how important it is to have current HR policies and practices in place, they may not have the time to focus their attention on regulatory compliance or employee handbooks. If you don’t have an employee handbook, a document can be customized to include information about the history and philosophy of your organization and other company specific information. HR business partners can provide a review of your handbook to ensure all necessary policies are complete and up to date and provide protection by ensuring those policies are communicated to employees. They also assist employers with law compliance, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For example, in the case of FMLA compliance, HR business partners provide required forms and posters, manage leave determinations, qualify leave for team members, track time away from work due, and oversee communication and documentation. Ensure your company stays compliant with an HR business partner.

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