Remember what it felt like to get that “you’ve been hired” email or phone call? There was excitement. There was uncertainty. There was likely even a bit of hesitation or nervousness about what to expect. So, while you can surely relate to being the new employee, why not make every effort to ensure a pleasant and rewarding onboarding experience as an employer. Consider these best practices for new employee onboarding.

Offer a “Wow-Factor” Welcome

From the initial contact letting the employee know he or she is hired to the instructional communication about arrival on the first day, make the welcome communication process memorable. Consider crafting a fun welcome package to place at the employee’s desk or work station on the first day, or schedule a welcome lunch with the immediate team.

Structure the Schedule

Especially for the first full week, organize an employee schedule so that there’s little room for uncertainty or fear of what to do next. While you want to leave some room throughout the day to get accustomed to the new environment, processes, and procedures, it will help a new employee if they have a tightly structured orientation schedule to use in getting started. Don’t expect every new hire to hit the ground running.

Operate with an Open Door

Every new hire will have many questions at first. As a manager or supervisor, keep an open-door policy during a new employee’s first few days on the job, so that he or she can stop by and ask questions as they occur. While your goal will be to prepare new employees in advance through your employee handbook and job-specific manual or notebook, relational learning can often be the fastest way to train someone in a new role. Also, allow new employees to offer feedback on their training experience. It’s an excellent way to improve your onboarding process along the way.

Gather the Whole Gang

Nothing will make a new employee feel more welcomed than a solid team spirit. Whether two, ten, or twenty team members, schedule some time for your whole team to be together during a new hire’s first week. It will be important for the new hire to interact with fellow coworkers to learn the roles each person plays in respect to the new employee’s position. You can plan a fun, team-building activity or a simple team meeting in which each person introduces themselves and answers the new hire’s questions. Either way, the bonding time a new employee can gain with colleagues will help them get off to a great start.

Above all, don’t just wing it. Have a plan. Be organized. And show your new employees why they chose to interview for a role at your company. At LBMC Employment Partners, we can help you make your onboarding experience pleasant for you and your employees. Speak with a representative today! 

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