When it comes to choosing the right partner to grow their business, today’s clients need a deeper bench, so LBMC evolved to give them just that.

“Advisory services are our clients’ top priority as they recover financially from the pandemic and look toward the future,” says Jeff Drummonds, LBMC CEO. “We show clients how to grow faster and help them make timely decisions to react in the marketplace, and that’s been of great value in this rapidly changing environment.”

Founded as an accounting firm over three decades ago, the fully integrated advisory group now builds custom strategies and solutions that help clients meet evolving marketplace demands, particularly in uncertain conditions. 

“In a complex environment, it helps to have someone who can identify issues or opportunities and implement solutions on-demand,” Drummonds continues. “We scale up resources to support internal teams. Then as they grow, we help transition those capabilities in-house.”

Thriving with the Times

More than just a firm, LBMC is a family of companies that helps businesses and high-net-worth individuals thrive through a range of comprehensive capabilities including tax, audit, technology, procurement, recruiting, human resources, information security, and  advisory solutions.

“Some clients want it all, and they’ll find it at LBMC,” says chief marketing officer Suzanne Reed. “Very few organizations offer the full breadth of services we do. We design full-service solutions,” says Reed.

At LBMC, strong coordination among specialized teams ensures clients get the expert guidance they need to reach their goals. “Our clients want accelerated growth, and they need the ability to scale up and create efficiencies within their processes,” Reed says. “We solve their needs across the board, from predicting compliance and regulatory issues to navigating how to grow more efficiently, how to staff appropriately, and how to use technology to take care of their business and clients.”


Growing with Clients

As clients grow and evolve, so does LBMC. Named a 2021 National Top 3 Pacesetter for Growth, LBMC had growth rates of over 25% by bringing on capabilities like data analytics and a new growth and innovation group that integrates creative thinking with business strategy to identify new opportunities for breakthrough. Backed by experience and insight, the group guides leadership teams and helps businesses supplement their capabilities in planning, product development, user experience, and more.

“Growth is in knowledge,” Reed says. “We think it’s valuable for our clients to know what’s going on in their industry and their market, and we’re there to grow their knowledge through education and guidance.”

“At the end of the day, what we’re really doing is advising and helping out where we can,” says Reed. “Our clients say, ‘LBMC keeps me aware of the things I need to be thinking about.’ And that’s the biggest compliment.”