Call Compensation Checklist

Did you know?

Compensation for on-call arrangements is on the rise AND hospitals are facing increased scrutiny when structuring compensated on-call arrangements.

Here are a few key concepts and questions to consider when structuring and supporting an on-call arrangement:

  • Call Frequency: How often will the physician respond to an emergent event by phone and in person?
  • Call Panel Size and Specialty: How many physicians will participate in the call rotation for a particular specialty?
  • Payor Mix: What % of patients will be Medicare, Medicaid or Uninsured?
  • Coverage Type: Will the physician provide unrestricted (off-site) and/or restricted (on-site) coverage?
  • Patient Acuity: What is the Facility’s Trauma designation and will the physician need advanced training?
  • Provider Type: Is the physician providing coverage employed or an independent contractor?

Measuring the burden for on-call pay arrangements can be challenging.

A hospital’s unique set of facts and circumstances should be considered, along with guidance from OIG Advisory Opinions, to determine commercial reasonableness and fair market value.

For help structuring and supporting your on-call arrangements, contact the LBMC Healthcare Valuation Team.

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Download our Call Coverage Infographic.