James’ Meat Co., Inc. | maker of Goolsby’s Sausage

Providing Customers with the Right Flavor and Texture for a True Country Sausage

The Client

The maker of Goolsby’s Country Sausage, James’ Meat Company, Inc. is owned by James and Donna Goolsby and is celebrating 37 years of providing premium, great-tasting sausage for its customers throughout the Southeast, Texas, and various parts of the Northeast United States.

James grew up on a farm in Viola, Tennessee, where sausage making was a common practice in the Goolsby kitchen. In 1972, he went to work for one of the major sausage companies in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked until 1980. It was during these years that James learned the sausage business from the ground up, starting on a delivery truck. James quickly advanced to more responsible positions in distribution, sales, sales management, and plant management, ultimately giving him a foundation for building his own sausage company and the formulation of the unique recipe that is now Goolsby’s Sausage.

With a desire to go out on his own, James started his own business in April of 1981. It took several years and lots of taste-testing, but he finally found the recipe with just the right flavor and texture for a true country sausage. As with many family business ventures, experience at an early age provided James the foundation necessary for success. Today, James’ Meat Co., Inc. employs approximately 40 individuals and is in production 5 days a week.

The Opportunity

James’ Meat Co., Inc. discovered LBMC Employment Partners through a family friend who was previously employed by LBMC EP. For the past two years, the partnership has been strong, as LBMC EP provides James’ Meat Co., Inc. with a variety of HR outsourcing services, including payroll management, timekeeping services, and employee benefits. Additionally, LBMC EP has also helped James’ Meat Co, Inc. with updating its employee handbook. When it comes to what made James’ Meat Co., Inc. choose LBMC EP over another HR outsourcing provider, Office Manager Mandy Byars says, “We were receiving less than stellar service from our previous provider, and, after meeting with LBMC EP’s Rebekah Harney, we knew that they would be a great fit for us.”

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC EP so good? Byars explains, “LBMC EP’s customer service has been phenomenal! Every need I have has been met without hesitation.” LBMC EP’s team continues to improve James’ Meat Co., Inc.’s business workflow by freeing up Byars and her colleagues the time and energy needed to work on other key business initiatives. “The HR professionals at LBMC EP save me time, which is so important in the work we do.” For other businesses considering HR outsourcing, Byars affirms, “You can’t go wrong by choosing LBMC EP for HR outsourcing services. The team is wonderful, and they are accommodating to all my business needs.”