Diamonds & Pearls

Since 1944, Rone Regency Jewelers has worked to build a legacy of fine quality jewelry with integrity and diligent attention to their family of clients. Located in Chattanooga, Rone Regency is one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the state.

The Opportunity

Rone Regency owners Bob and Sherry Mason hold extreme value in offering premium products and phenomenal customer service, and they pride themselves on taking care of those who take care of their customers — their employees. They see their employees as the cornerstone of their business as they help them build long-lasting relationships with customers, helping them purchase gifts that mark some of life’s biggest milestones.

“I started working here in 1970 and am now selling to children and grandchildren of people who I sold engagement rings to when I started here,” said Mason. “We have families that are in their fifth generation of trading with our store, so building those relationships is the most important thing that we do.”

The Solution: PEO

LBMC EP received the opportunity to work with Rone Regency when Mason learned of all that a PEO could do for his most important asset. “I have always offered our employees 100% paid benefits,” said Mason. “Due to rising insurance premiums, this was getting harder and harder to do. By joining a PEO insurance costs are manageable again.”

In Mason’s first year with LBMC EP, the PEO Solutions we prescribed brought a lot of good. His insurance premiums were cut in half, allowing Rone Regency to continue to offer paid employee benefits to their growing staff.  Mason notes that having professionals manage all HR practices also enables his company to ensure that they are 100 percent compliant.

“LBMC EP serves as a member of the Rone Regency team, making sure that we are legally in compliance,” said Mason. “It’s an amazing asset to have an asset to people who I can call to be a sounding board, enabling us to run efficiently and focus on our customers.”