Remote Patient Management Company Uses PEO Services for HR, Benefits, and Payroll

Strong leadership with deep experience in patient engagement and healthcare technology has enabled Verustat to provide the highest quality service for physicians and their Medicare patients since 2020. Monitoring patients remotely for chronic conditions, they work as an extension of the clinical staff to speak directly to the patients and ensure care plan compliance.

Challenges: Benefit Costs and HR Knowledge

Prior to taking advantage of LBMC Employment Partners’ Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services for HR, payroll, and benefits, Verustat worked with LBMC for tax and accounting services. “Our strong prior relationship and satisfaction with LBMC’s tax and accounting arm made it an easy decision to go with LBMC EP for our HR needs,” said President, Emmet Seibels. “Our relationship with LBMC Employment Partners began with our prior software company that was sold to a public company. We had no issues in diligence with the prior company, so we decided to use LBMC EP again. They’ve been flawless with payroll, and we are happy with our benefit costs being relatively steady while maintaining high quality.”

Solutions: Improving Workflow with Ease of Use & Specialization

Verustat’s management team has created and sold two different companies over the last ten years to strategic acquirers in the space. React Health (formerly 3B Medical), a sister company of Verustat, also uses LBMC Employment Partners for PEO services. With plans to expand, Verustat recently raised a $17 million round of capital. “While we are currently a relatively small company, LBMC EP has shown the ability to grow with us. It’s a huge asset to have LBMC EP function as our HR department. We can focus on running and growing the business knowing LBMC EP can handle the HR side of things,” said Emmet Seibels. LBMC Employment Partners has improved their workflow with ease of use and specialization, allowing them to quickly grow from a small founding team to 50 people. “Our main contact is extremely knowledgeable in all things HR and payroll is always perfect. LBMC EP truly feels and acts like an internal part of our company. They are extremely competent and customer service oriented.”

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve their people and watch as Verustat has grown and continued to be a leader in the healthcare industry. Contact us today to begin your partnership with us.

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