Company: LBMC Staffing Solutions, LLC

Temporary Employment Numbers on the Rise

Low unemployment in Nashville, especially related to accounting and finance jobs, has resulted in an increase in temporary/contract placements. The labor supply has shrunk, resulting in a rise in candidates being recruited out of positions.

The Right Hire Makes Everyone More Productive

Hiring in today’s environment is not easy. It’s helpful to understand how to develop the right criteria for your needs to identify the best candidate.

5 Coaching Tips for Employee Involvement

Maximum employee involvement in generating improvement ideas begins with creating a positive, encouraging workplace culture and environment. This article covers five coaching tips.

Reasons for Not Accepting a Counteroffer

It is generally not advisable to accept a counteroffer because the relationship between the employee and employer has now been altered.

Make Staff Retention a Vital Focus

Today, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to focus on being as proactive as possible in retaining top performers.