Company: LBMC Staffing Solutions, LLC

The Power of the Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is the overall perception of a company’s recruiting and hiring process. Every interaction a candidate has with your company has the potential to positively or negatively affect their perception of your company.

Temporary Employment Numbers on the Rise

Low unemployment in Nashville, especially related to accounting and finance jobs, has resulted in an increase in temporary/contract placements. The labor supply has shrunk, resulting in a rise in candidates being recruited out of positions.

The Right Hire Makes Everyone More Productive

Hiring in today’s environment is not easy. It’s helpful to understand how to develop the right criteria for your needs to identify the best candidate.

Interview Tips for the Candidate

Here are a few interview tips to help you sell yourself, prepare you for the things to remember and not to do during an interview.

5 Coaching Tips for Employee Involvement

Maximum employee involvement in generating improvement ideas begins with creating a positive, encouraging workplace culture and environment. This article covers five coaching tips.

Answering Challenging Interview Questions

These common interview questions can trip up the most accomplished executives. Tell me about yourself. Should I answer professionally or personally? What are your weaknesses? Ugh!