Do you like variety? Some employees are happy and comfortable working for the same company doing the same job for many years. Others get bored and need to change things up to remain energized. If you thrive on variety, you might be a candidate for contract accounting, but candidates seeking a diversity of roles are not the only people who benefit from consulting opportunities. If any of the following scenarios ring true, contract accounting might be right for you.

Are you in transition? Maybe your role ended because of a restructuring or the company was acquired. It may take time to find the perfect fit for your next stop. Consulting is a great way to maintain an income while looking for your permanent home. Gain exposure to new systems and make new contacts while you make extra money.

Do you love a challenge? Companies rarely look to bring in a consultant when things are tidy and stable. Rather, they need consultants to catch up work that is behind, to improve processes in order to increase efficiency or to comply with new accounting standards. Sometimes they need someone with experience that they don’t themselves have, or they just need an extra set of hands or a fresh perspective. If you relish the opportunity to problem solve, a consulting position might be right for you.

Do you want to make a difference? One of our consultants once said, “I love this job. I know our clients need my help. I am not just making a difference to this company, but also to this manager’s quality of life by helping solve problems they don’t have time to address.” If this quote sounds familiar, explore a contract accounting role.

Are you getting back into the workforce after a time away? People step away from the workforce for a multitude of reasons. Whether caring for family members, personal illnesses or other reason, returning to the workforce can be difficult after an absence. Your confidence may need a boost, and employers may be hesitant because they think your skills are rusty. A consulting assignment can not only rebuild your confidence, but also refresh your skill set. You might even consider a lower level assignment at first before you are ready to step into more challenging roles again.

Are you planning to move? If you know you will be moving away from your community, contract accounting can offer the perfect short-term solution. Working as a consultant can keep your skills sharp and your income coming in without making a long-term commitment to a hiring manager and company you cannot keep.

Are you seeking flexibility? Someone who wants flexibility including the ability to take off for travel, to care for family members or other hobbies or interests is a great candidate for contract accounting.

Contract accounting offers a world of opportunities for those seeking variety, challenges, and flexibility in their career paths. Whether you find yourself in transition, yearning for a fresh challenge, eager to make a meaningful impact, reentering the workforce, planning a move, or simply desiring more flexibility, consulting positions in accounting might be the perfect fit for you.

LBMC Staffing Solutions is here to guide you on this exciting journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the countless possibilities that await you in the world of contract accounting. Contact us today to take the first step towards a rewarding and dynamic career. Your future is calling – answer it with LBMC Staffing Solutions.