This blog covers two issues with email workflows within Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • GP 2015 R2, email workflows
  • GP 2015, Payables Transaction Workflow (Missing Attachments)

Even with the occasional error, the increased efficiency and functionality your business can gain outweighs the cons. We will also review five reasons to turn on workflows.

Dynamics GP workflow email message troubleshooting

I ran into an issue where the test emails for workflow were generating just fine. However, once the workflow was turned on and activated, no emails were being sent to the approvers or submitters. I ran through the usual suspects – enabling workflow emails in the workflow set-up, making sure managers were assigned to each step, ensuring each active directory account had an email associated with it – but still I had no luck.

After a brief session with Microsoft support, it was determined that with version GP 2015 R2, workflow email status in DYNAMICS table SY04901 were set to default the email message type to a 1, meaning no emails were to be generated. The steps below fixed this issue and emails began to flow!

Steps to enable workflow messages

  1. Make sure to have a backup of the company database
  2. Run the following SQL script against the company first:
    Updated SY04901 set Email_Message_Type=2
  3. Then run the following script second:
    Update SY04901 set Email_Message_Type=3 where EmailMessageID=’WF ACTION COMPLETED*’
  4. Submit your test workflow requests and see if messages are being sent
  5. Enjoy your success

For additional support check out this community,  this Microsoft troubleshooting guide, or this Microsoft GP page.

Dynamics GP Workflow Attachments Missing from Approval Emails

I was working with a client on implementing Payables Transaction Workflow within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The workflow was working perfectly except for one little quirk: The invoice attachments on the payables transaction screen were not appearing in the approval emails generated by GP.​
​​This was a huge issue for the client. After contacting Microsoft, there was no known solution for this issue. We tried uninstalling all GP add-ins and the issue still persisted. It was even appearing in my GP2015 environment as well.
We finally uninstalled then re-installed GP on the workstations, and it worked! With a clean set file and install of GP, the workflow attachments began to be sent with the email notifications.

​As of now, we have no known reason as to why the issue began, but we do know that a clean install is a solution!

5 reasons to turn on Microsoft Dynamics GP workflow

Do you want to increase the efficiency and functionality of your business? If so, here are five good reasons you should turn on Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow:
  1. Save time chasing paper – With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Workflow, document attachments flow with workflow requests. This allows approvers and managers the chance to view the documents within the approval email, saving time passing paperwork from desk to desk.
  2. Approvers do not need to be GP users (Save your licenses: see how to get free self-service licenses below) – Any user within your active directory that is connected to your network can approve requests via email notifications.
  3. Email notifications are sent for each step – From the time of submission to the notification of approval, users are provided with email notifications automatically generated within the system. These email notifications can be turned on and off within the workflow setup.
  4. Approvals via email – Managers and approvers are able to approve the workflow requests via a simple approval link provided in the notification email. Within the same email, a manager can reject or redirect the request to another manager.
  5. Easy setup – Workflow changes can be easily made. Setup time and testing can usually be done within a workdays’ time. All transactions that go through the workflow process carry the workflow history within inquiry lookup windows.

​Workflow types available with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 for the following modules/areas:

  • Payables Transactions
  • Payables Batches
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Receivables Batches
  • General Ledger Batches

Almost every client I speak with can benefit from at least one of the workflow types mentioned above. If you are interested in setting up workflow within your organization or would like more information, please contact us!

How to get free Self-Serve licenses for Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft has incorporated lots of self-service features in GP 2015, and as result introduced a self-serve license to access the functionality. Many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP customers are eager to roll out the self-service features company-wide, and we’re excited to share three promotions Microsoft has announced to make it easier to acquire the necessary licenses.

1. Free Self-Serve licenses

“Microsoft Dynamics GP Three Free Self-Serve CALs”
This promotion allows all existing Dynamics GP customers on Perpetual Licensing to add 3 Self-Serve licenses for each GP Full license at no additional cost. That’s right, there is NO added software OR enhancement cost to take advantage of this promotion, as long as a current enhancement plan is maintained. EVERY qualifying customer should take advantage of this offer. To qualify, you must have been on Perpetual Licensing (GP 2013) prior to December 1, 2014.

2. 50% off additional Self-Serve licenses

“FY15 Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-Serve CALs for Half”
​This promotion can be combined with the offer above to get 50% off any additional Self-Serve licenses purchased beyond the quantity received for free. This is also a good option for customers who were not on Perpetual Licensing as of December 1, 2014, and do not qualify for the promotion above.

3. Trade in 1 Limited for 10 Self-Serve licenses

“FY15 Microsoft Dynamics GP Limited to Self-serve CAL Conversion”
This promotion allows customers on Perpetual Licensing to trade in 1 Limited license in exchange for 10 Self-serve licenses at no additional cost. If you purchased Limited licenses for employee self-service before the Self-serve license was released with GP 2015, this is a great opportunity to exchange the licenses to increase your user count for free. This offer may also be combined with either of the offers above.

One thing to keep in mind – any customer on the Perpetual Licensing model that was introduced with GP 2013 is eligible for these offers, however, you will not have access to the self-service functionality unless you are using GP 2015.  So who should take advantage?  Regardless if you’re on GP 2013 or GP 2015, this is a great opportunity to proactively increase your user count for next to nothing. Contact us to discuss your best strategy to make the most of these offers.