The Electronic Bank Reconciliation module in Dynamics GP is easy to set up and can save you a lot of time and headache whether you reconcile monthly, weekly, or even daily.

You already own this module, you just need to get it set up.  The only difficult part can be configuring the file format from your bank to match what GP needs but that is where we come in!  Let us take care of that part.

In short, the EBR module automatically reconciles cleared transactions between the checkbook or cash sub-ledger and the bank statement.  An error report is run after the bank file is read and matched, identifying any differences, making it easy to correct.

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What is Electronic Bank Reconciliation?

Electronic Bank Reconciliation is designed to be one module in which all transactions appearing on your bank statement can be imported and automatically reconciled. The transactions can be matched in Electronic Bank Management with the transactions in the holding account or posted to the GL or cash account. This module also integrates with Analytical Accounting.

You can use Bank Reconciliation to enter and maintain checkbooks that are used to pay vendors, employees, distribute petty cash and to reconcile bank statements. Payables Management and Payroll, checks printed and posts from those modules, update checkbooks in Bank Reconciliation, allowing you to reconcile faster and with fewer errors.

Electronic Bank Reconciliation

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