Employees are bombarded daily with emails. Some of those emails are critical to performing certain tasks on the job and will be viewed upon receipt. Others are moderately important and will likely be pushed aside for later viewing. Still, others are considered junk and won’t be given a second look.

So, when it comes to keeping your employees up to speed on important human resources-related information, especially benefits information, how can you improve your communications plan so that they are sure to be properly informed? Consider these three tips.

Keep it Simple

In our modern-day culture of over saturation when it comes to our inboxes, make sure to operate on a “less is more” mentality. Rather than regularly blasting out benefits emails with lots of information, try shorter, simple messages. Remember that even though your information might be of great relevance or importance, you are also competing for the time and attention of employees along with other individuals, departments, or businesses.

Go Where the People Are

Not getting the reach or response rate you’d prefer using email to communicate your benefits information? Consider setting up a company HR social media account to send out short chunks of information that your employees can follow and see in their feeds. You can always use links that send them back to your benefits website or email address. These days, the old phrase, “out of sight, out of mind” rings truer than ever. Find out where your employees are spending time, and make a strong presence there.

Make it Fun

Whether you decide that email, social media, or even print mail is your most effective way to communicate benefits information to employees, don’t miss the opportunity to be creative with your subject lines, social media posts, and print packaging. Use email subject lines that grab attention and make employees want to open your message. With social media, use visuals like infographics, photographs, and even videos when possible. The more you can think outside the box, the better your employee engagement will be. 

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