Maintaining Quality Service

Name: April Hunt
Title: Senior HR Manager
Joined LBMC EP: June, 2012

Background: April graduated from David Lipscomb University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and a Minor in Public Relations. All throughout college, April always had two part-time jobs, one with a logistics company and one with a company that outsourced HR services, as well as served multiple internships. April’s last internship was with a record label, but after graduation, the label’s owner went MIA and April found herself without a job. After speaking with her uncle about her dilemma, he reached out to Jim Powlus (LBMC EP partner Sharon Powlus’s husband) who was able to find a position for her at Meharry Medical College. April initially started in the IT department, but worked her way to the help desk, then to Meharry’s HR department, where she started her full-time career. After 3 years at Meharry, an opportunity opened up at LBMC EP. April spoke with Sharon about the position, and because of April’s hard work and dedication, they both felt it was the perfect opportunity to take the next stepping stone in her HR career. 

Current Role: April is currently the manager over the HR department of LBMC EP’s Brentwood office, which includes HR generalists, administrative employees, and other HR Managers. In addition to managing the Brentwood office, April also has clients of her own that she works directly with. “No two days are ever the same. We have all of these plates spinning at the same time, and we have to keep them spinning — not one can fall off. We are constantly in motion, making sure everything is running smoothly, making sure our clients are compliant with everything, administrating benefits, and ensuring payroll is aware of new hires and terminations. When it comes to our clients, we are the face of LBMC EP, and we must maintain the services that we provide,” explains April, with a smile that shows how much she enjoys what she does. 

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: When asked why LBMC Employment Partners stands out from other HR companies, she puts it quite bluntly: “We definitely stand out because we aren’t a 1-800 number. When you call, you’re going to get your dedicated HR manager that was introduced to you. At LBMC EP, we are all about person-to-person contact — we want to meet face to face, we want to be involved, we want to be our client’s third arm to better assist them. We are very personable, and our relationship with our clients is, first and foremost, the most important thing to us.”

Unique Factors of Work Environment: For April, everyone at LBMC EP is “just one huge work family.” “Ron and Sharon take very good care of us, just as if we were a client,” says April. There is place in her heart for everyone she works with, and it is a joy for her to come into work each day. “To work with like-minded, family-oriented people is just a pleasure.” It also helps that everyone likes to play hard too (only when the work is done, of course). “LBMC EP is known as the ‘fun group,’” April continues. “For example, during our 2015 Christmas luncheon last year, we did our version of a Flash Mob, except, instead of dancing, we all took turns singing ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ — one person started the song, then another sang the chorus, and so on. And eventually, we had someone dressed as a hippo come in and dance around,” the laugh still ever-present in her voice. 

Personal Life: April just recently got married to the love of her life, John, back in October. Together they have an adorable white Boxer named Pepper Ann, who’s a whopping 85 pounds, but thinks she is only 8. They don’t have any children, but Pepper Ann is enough of a baby for them. When she’s not doting on John or Pepper Ann, April loves being outdoors and especially loves to fish. April also used to drag race and has been sky-diving (whoa!). Above all though, April just loves spending time with her family and friends as much as she can.