Name: April Lux
Title: Payroll Manager
Been with LBMC EP: With W Squared Since December 2011; With LBMC EP Since August 2017


Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, April Lux grew up trying to avoid the “9 to 5” workforce for as long as possible. A basketball player in her high school days, April was eventually faced with a back injury that paused her from playing the sport. When a friend of April’s moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and needed a roommate, April decided to venture to Music City where she has since remained. Eventually, April had the opportunity to take on a role in payroll. April says, “I knew someone who was hiring in payroll who gave me training and a chance to work in this industry. I’ve been working in the field ever since, and I could see myself retiring in it.” Along the way, April served in the areas of HRIS, credentialing for doctors and nurses, and general HR services before transitioning back to payroll management. “I’m a big picture person, and I love seeing how things fit together,” says April. These qualities are what ultimately led April to her role with the HR/Payroll/Benefits team for W Squared, which was recently acquired by LBMC Employment Partners.

Current Role:

As a payroll manager, April oversees four team members and is responsible for clients who use ADP payroll software. W Squared brought ADP to LBMC EP with the transition, and ADP offers clients multiple choices with its payroll system. Most of April’s client base is in the healthcare industry, and she’s worked with the same groups for almost three years now, handling anything from implementation with both the client and ADP to getting various modules up and running in the system to payroll processing and daily client interaction. “I’m constantly switching gears, and each day can take on a new strategy from service-level requests to high-level needs,” says April.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

April appreciates how LBMC EP genuinely values employees. “LBMC EP is a very family-oriented environment. I would never want to come to work and feel like just a number, and that doesn’t happen here. Everybody is close-knit and invested in each other,” affirms April. The high priority of customer service is another reason LBMC EP stands out from other companies. “When the emphasis is on employees and customers, everything else falls into place,” April says. April is also certain that the fun part about working with payroll employees is that they are down-to-earth, good people. “My payroll colleagues are funny and quirky in the best ways,” says April. While payroll can often be a behind-the-scenes, thankless job of sorts, April can’t say enough positive things about how well everyone at LBMC EP handles the daily challenges of the job.


Beyond the office, April enjoys staying busy with her two sons, Tucker (8) and Easton (6), both straight-A students for the first time at the same time. April’s sons both play sports, which keeps them on the go between baseball and soccer. April enjoys reading mystery books, as well as cooking and trying new recipes. A former bartender, April says she always loved talking with and listening to people. Being from the North, April also appreciates Southern hospitality, and she loves the variety of all Nashville has to offer.