Name: Arielle Henson
Title: HR Manager
Been with LBMC Employment Partners Since: February 2015

Background: Arielle Henson attended the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, majoring in communications. Upon graduation, she took a strategic services internship with a local company. As internships go, Arielle’s led to working and supporting the different departments of the company, including human resources. Arielle says she loved seeing how the HR coordinator handled tasks on a daily basis and dealt with employee issues. “There was a great communication aspect of the job. And, I really like to help people. I want to feel like I’m making a difference,” Arielle affirms. After her internship, Arielle was connected to LBMC Employment Partners, and she joined as a HR Assistant.

Current Role: Working with approximately 25 clients from Chattanooga to Knoxville, Arielle makes sure she handles day-to-day tasks with PEO, HRO, and payroll clients, as well as other details such as benefits, employee handbooks, and more. She works with various industries, specifically nonprofits, retail, financial, and healthcare organizations. Arielle has worked very closely with each of her clients, and it’s a value that LBMC Employment Partners tries to maintain, as she says, “We’re promising them a dedicated HR professional when coming into a PEO…We provide them with someone they can get to know and grow with.” The relationships Arielle has established has allowed her to be a trusted confidant to clients and to truly help their employees, which is one of her favorite tasks. “I like being the direct line of communication for the employer groups, because it allows for our client contacts to focus on their daily work, and it allows us to assist them with things that typically take away from their focus.”

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: Many of her clients look to Arielle and her team as their personal HR department, which is a big advantage for the company. Some of Arielle’s client contacts are within the HR department, “They are looking for someone to assist them with the administrative side of things, and to be a soundboard for issues that might arise,” says Arielle, “We are a value to these clients, because in HR you deal with so many things on a daily basis. It’s hard for one person or a small team to handle that one line of contact.” While the HR managers can focus on their job, Arielle assists with other tasks from benefits-related questions and payroll questions to employee issues and onboarding for new hires.

Unique Factors of Your Work Environment: Arielle admits she’s been very fortunate to have held internships and jobs with such great environments thus far. She feels grateful to be an employee that does more than just clock in and tackle tasks. The culture, leadership, and staff at LBMC Employment Partners has provided positive energy, “I’m so thankful for the family environment they’ve created. It’s a flexible environment…My coworkers are phenomenal and easy to talk to. They are more like friends than coworkers.”

Personal: Arielle’s personal life was recently centered on all things wedding, as she was recently married in March 2017! She and her husband, Cody, were married in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with an intimate group of family and friends. When Cody, Arielle, and their yellow lab, Gunner, have free weekends, you can find them hopping in a car to explore their city or traveling to new places. When’s she’s not traveling, Arielle loves watching new shows on Netflix, specifically documentaries. She recommends Twinsters, a documentary about two young women who were separated at birth and adopted by parents in different parts of the world. They find out about each other years later through the internet.