Setting High Standards 

Name: Bobbie Ward
Title: Office & Operations Manager 
Joined LBMC EP: 2009

Background: Prior to joining LBMC Employment Partners, Bobbie worked as a business analyst and problem resolution point for some 20 years. When first hired at LBMC EP, her primary responsibility was answering the phones, but due to her driving work ethic, she worked her way from receptionist, to Office Manager, into her existing role as Office and Operations Manager. By looking for ways to continuously improve herself, her role has evolved from merely answering phones to helping in the design of a hybrid online enrollment system, the integration of various internal systems to communicate with each other as well as vendors, and becoming the central point of contact for most of the systems used by LBMC Employment Partners. Bobbie studied Communications at MTSU, and possesses a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Current Role at LBMC EP: Currently, Bobbie’s role includes overseeing those who answer the phones, people who are in administrative roles, and all those in office management facilities, ensuring everything operates smoothly. She also works with software vendors to ensure that all LBMC EP employees understand any changes or updates that are made to their systems. If anyone ever has a problem, like being unable to log into their network, they come to Bobbie for her expertise. 

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: Simply put, Bobbie believes that LBMC EP stands out because of the people who are there. “The people are the best. Everyone is accountable. We hold each other accountable by keeping ourselves accountable, and everyone learns from that. We won’t say we are going to do something if we aren’t going to do it — we always follow through. Here, everyone feels like we are meant to work together and that this is exactly where everyone is supposed to be, which is why we all work so well together.”

Unique Factors of Work Environment: According to Bobbie, what makes LBMC EP such a great place to work is that one is never limited by the title someone gives you. “You decide every day what you are capable of, and as long as you are willing to learn, you can go anywhere you want within the company. If you put in the extra effort into LBMC EP, they’ll put the extra effort into you.”

Personal Life: Bobbie is married with three children and four grandchildren. She is also LBMC EP all-star Renee McGowan’s big sister. Bobbie doesn’t have any real pets, but there is a family of cute bunnies that have made her backyard a home. She loves to travel and has been to Hawaii and Alberta, Canada, both of which she loved. She is a huge Cleveland Indians fan, and her and her husband always have season tickets to UT football games. Bobbie also does a lot of volunteer writing for nonprofits. Perhaps the coolest thing about Bobbie though (if there weren’t already enough), is that she is a published author, with four books under her belt. Her latest book, a combination of both short stories and poetry, is entitled The Messenger. Do yourself a favor and check it out!