Name: Brittany Lambert
Title: Financial Support Specialist
Been with LBMC EP: Since November 2015


Hailing from Manning, South Carolina, Brittany Lambert made her way to Nashville in 2010 to attend fashion school. Though she moved back to South Carolina for a brief season, Brittany has called Nashville home for more than 8 years now, completing three degrees in the process, including an Associate degree in Fashion Design, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and most recently a Master of Business Administration. With a genuine entrepreneurial spirit, Brittany started her own small business making children’s clothing, which satisfied her creative talents soon after finishing her fashion degree. Brittany had the opportunity to put her business education and skills into practice when an opportunity came her way to work at Brookdale Senior Living as a business office manager, handling a variety of tasks from Human Resources, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Looking to further her HR career, Brittany found herself searching for a new opportunity in the fall of 2015, where she discovered LBMC Employment Partners and her current role as Financial Support Specialist. “LBMC EP had such a great reputation, so it was a no-brainer for me to apply when I saw an opportunity,” says Brittany.

Current Role:

As Financial Support Specialist at LBMC EP, Brittany touches a piece of the client billing process for every EP client. Brittany provides daily reports for all partners of the firm, which provides a picture of all important financials. Working alongside her manager, Renee’ McGowen, and closely with internal accounting, Brittany truly appreciates the autonomy within the company. “It’s truly refreshing to be a part of a work environment where there’s a good mix of structure and flexibility,” Brittany says. Brittany also enjoys the challenge that comes along with such great responsibility in her role. At the end of the day, Brittany loves that LBMC EP emphasizes work-life balance. “I can go home each day and leave work at work, which is a rarity in the modern-day workplace” affirms Brittany.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

When it comes to LBMC EP’s work environment and culture, Brittany says, “I love that LBMC EP is a bit laid back even though it is a true corporate setting. Ron Perry and Sharon Powlus have done an excellent job of balancing our culture and bringing the whole team together.” Brittany enjoys that the whole team gathers regularly for large staff meetings and luncheons, and she appreciates the transparency of the company partners. Brittany has also become an office cheerleader along the way. “I love looking for motivational quotes to put on display, and it’s always encouraging to see coworkers intentionally drop by to read them each week,” says Brittany.


Beyond the office, Brittany is preparing for her wedding to her fiance’, David, in the fall of 2018. Brittany has also taken up the hobby of sewing once again. With a passion for making children’s clothing, the timing for her renewed interest in sewing couldn’t be more perfect, as several friends and colleagues are having babies. As for other fun personal facts about Brittany—she is close with her family, regularly involved in her church, and loves to bake.