Name: Bryan Steverson
Title: Business Development Professional 
Been with LBMC EP: Since October 2017


A proud Maryville, Tennessee native, Bryan Steverson made his college journey just a few miles away from home at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he received an accounting degree. Setting his sights on plugging into the industry right after college, Bryan worked for an accounting firm in Knoxville for a season before getting the urge to move to a bigger city. When an opportunity came about for him to transfer to the company’s Nashville office, Bryan made the move to Music City, where he served for almost three years, doing audit and tax work with a specific focus in the title industry. Bryan gained some valuable experience in business development, which grew within him a passion for relationships, meeting people, and getting to know clients on a deeper level. This passion eventually led him to a business development opening at LBMC Employment Partners. “All the individual pieces from my studies and work experiences helped me stand out for the role,” explains Bryan, who’s now celebrating a little over a year in his role at LBMC EP.

Current Role:

As a Business Development Professional at LBMC EP, Bryan’s role consists of prospecting clients from leads inside the firm, generating new leads, outside relationships, and researching and fostering all leads. Bryan says, “I truly enjoy connecting with potential clients and developing relationships that will hopefully lead to them becoming long-term clients.” Bryan also works very closely with LBMC EP’s Physician Solutions program, helping healthcare employers and entities find simple HR solutions, and he has also fostered some business relationships with several other industries, including real estate, transportation, and finance. “It’s so rewarding to help find the right fit for clients, whether payroll, HR, or PEO services.”

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

Among the many things that stand out to Bryan about working at LBMC EP include the world-class facility and highly-regarded reputation the company has achieved throughout the years. Bryan is grateful for the multiple employee amenities he experiences at LBMC EP—from stand-up desks that help with ergonomics to the coffee and break areas that provide refreshment and opportunities to refuel throughout the day. “I often brag to my friends about the company culture and atmosphere at LBMC EP,” says Bryan. He also appreciates the numerous opportunities for employee engagement throughout the entire LBMC family of companies, including a young professionals network and a softball team. Above all, Bryan praises his leadership, saying “LBMC EP Partners Sharon Powlus and Ron Perry are great people to work for. They care about the employees who serve on their team, and they treat everyone equally and invest in them regularly.” Bryan affirms that morale is high at LBMC EP and says, “When people go through hard times, everybody cares about each other and shows support in so many ways.”


Beyond the office, Bryan enjoys keeping up with his family, including his little brother and sister, who are both in college. A pet lover, Bryan has a chocolate lab named Larry. Whenever possible, you’ll find Bryan enjoying some outdoor sports, including golf, softball, and basketball, and he also loves venturing out on occasional hiking and camping trips, especially in East Tennessee. Bryan wears a lot of orange, cheering on his alma mater, the UT Volunteers, and he loves that Nashville has so much to offer at all times, from concerts to sports to dining. Bryan is also a member of LBMC Young Professionals and will start National Young Leader’s Council in 2019. He has also taken part in assisting with East Tennessee’s Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity organizations.