Been with LBMC: 15 years


A Brentwood native, Chad Milom attended David Lipscomb High School. While many of his childhood friends moved on to attend Lipscomb University, Chad was ready for a change of scenery and decided on Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. After graduating with a B.A. in Accounting, Chad joined KPMG. After a few years, he became a CFO for a small construction company. Chad then moved back to Brentwood to be near family and soon learned that LBMC was “the place to be.”  He joined LBMC as a Senior in the Audit Department.

Current Role

Chad has really enjoyed the past 15 years and especially his current role. He enjoys the variety of working with multiple companies and diverse clients, from new college graduates to C-suite executives. Chad says it’s particularly interesting to work in the clients’ environments to learn their processes. “I take this knowledge to share best practices and help other companies,” he explains. Chad appreciates problem-solving, especially when he meets the same challenges in other clients. Chad leads LBMC’s nonprofit segment, but he also works in the manufacturing, distribution and technology industries. When asked about his typical day, Chad says, “Any day could involve working on a new proposal, administrative tasks such as billing, and meeting clients or prospects. I could be working on ten different jobs in the same day.”

Why LBMC Stands Out

Chad describes LBMC’s office as being very dynamic. While plenty of organizations can perform audits, what sets LBMC apart is our firm’s ability to provide total solutions to clients. “Because of all the service lines we offer, we can give a unique perspective when a client has a payroll or IT question. I don’t have to refer them to someone else — I have the expertise right here, and we’re one call away.”

Unique Factors of Work Environment

Chad believes in LBMC’s solid work-life balance, and he can attest to the positive atmosphere it creates between employees. LBMC’s up-to-date technology allows employees the flexibility of working in the office and remotely, both with clients and at home. Chad also points out that LBMC hires good people, which results in more longevity. “LBMC finds the best people, both technically and people you want to be around. It’s a great family environment,” he says.

Finding Opportunities

Since Chad supports multiple nonprofit organizations, he knows many of them have limited staff. Many nonprofits focus their resources on the organization’s mission and as a result, their accounting staff may have limited experience. Chad says he enjoys working with these organizations in particular. “I’ve found there is a lot of opportunity to help them do things the right way and brainstorm other ways to become efficient,” he notes. His clients have developed relationships with not only Chad, but also his team members; they feel they can reach out to any of them. And if there’s a challenge that Chad’s team can’t solve, he will bring in other LBMC experts to help solve the problem.


While working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Chad met his wife, Elizabeth, when she was in town for a wedding. They dated long distance for a year, and because of Chad’s charm, she moved to Dallas after completing her nursing degree. Chad and Elizabeth now have four children: Carter, 14, Ashlyn, 12, Curtis, 9, and Caden, 7. When asked how it feels to have only one girl, Chad says she rules the house! As a family, they get outdoors a lot to bike and hike. The kids are very active, so if Chad and Elizabeth aren’t at one of the boys’ soccer games, they are at Ashlyn’s gymnastics practice.