Name: Chelsey Wall 
Title: Human Resources Manager
Joined LBMC Employment Partners: April 2013

Background: Chelsey Wall graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor's in Child and Family Studies. While in college, Chelsey focused on the social work side of her degree, which led her to an internship with Child and Family Tennessee (now Helen Ross McNabb). As an intern, Chelsey worked at Child and Family Tennessee’s Family Justice Center, where she helped abused women find housing and jobs, did community outreach, provided support groups, and would even accompany women to their court dates for emotional support. Upon graduation, Chelsey moved into a full-time role and continued her work with Child and Family Tennessee for four years. With an approaching move to Nashville and a desire to get into the human resources field, Chelsey decided it was time to adjust her career path and joined our team at LBMC Employment Partners to work with people, just as she did with her previous roles.

Current Role: As an HR manager, Chelsey works closely with several businesses, including startups, healthcare companies, nonprofits, and banks, helping manage their HR practices and ensure compliance. On an average day, Chelsey can be found working diligently on PTO and other policy development, outlining and creating employee handbooks, writing job descriptions, and training CEOs or other executives to properly handle employee issues. Because her startup clients are just coming into existence and have no previous policies or handbooks, Chelsey provides guidance on the basic HR projects, like PTO, job descriptions, and employee handbooks. In addition to being an HR manager, Chelsey also oversees the benefits for all of LBMC’s 500+ employees. 

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: Chelsey believes in LBMC Employment Partners’ customer service, and knows they go above and beyond. “We’re not a 1-800 number that a person calls and gets someone across the country. We see clients face-to-face, we talk to them regularly, and each client has a dedicated HR point-of-contact, so whenever clients have questions, they know who to call.” 

Unique Factors of Your Work Environment: LBMC Employment Partners takes great pride in company culture and closely-knit team. “LBMC Employment Partners really is like a family. When I started, I had only lived in Nashville for two days, I didn’t have any family and only a handful of friends, but LBMC Employment Partners provided such a welcoming atmosphere that I felt like I was already a part of their work family. People are here for you, and we always support each other.” In addition to the kindred team at LBMC Employment Partners, Chelsey also really enjoys the fast-paced environment. “I’ve always enjoyed working with people of different backgrounds. I love being able to work with various clients and the difference between each of them…Not a day goes by where I haven’t learned something new, and I love that part of the job.” 

Personal: Chelsey has been happily married to her husband Tyler for two and a half years. Together they enjoy going to sporting events, especially UT football games, and travel. Next spring, Chelsey and Tyler will be traveling to London, Paris, and Barcelona for a two-week European vacation. One of Chelsey’s favorite things to do in Nashville is to eat out at fun restaurants. She particularly enjoys the 12South area, with BarTaco and Mafioza’s being two favorite restaurants she would recommend to any visitor.