Name: Dianne Campbell
Title: Implementation Specialist 
Been with LBMC EP: Since April 2012


Though she calls Columbia, Tennessee, home, Dianne Campbell grew up overseas, spending many years of her early life in England, while her father served in the Air Force. When she entered her teen years, Dianne’s family moved back to the States. With her mother being Dutch, they left behind half of their extended family to ultimately establish some new family roots back in her father’s Tennessee hometown of Columbia. 

Adjusting to American life wasn’t too difficult, however Dianne did experience a bit of culture shock while transitioning to the U.S. public education system. She pressed on, though, and attended Columbia’s Central High School and later moved to Atlanta to attend college. While pursuing a degree in computer programming, Dianne eventually developed a great interest in accounting, where she eventually aimed her career sights. After getting married and having two children while in Atlanta, Dianne and her family moved back to Columbia, where she was self-employed for several years. A desire for a new career opportunity soon led her to apply for an opening at LBMC Employment Partners, where she landed a role in payroll processing before taking on her current role in implementation.

Current Role:

“As an implementation specialist, I assist with the payroll implementation process for every client we bring on board,” says Dianne. Along with payroll implementation, Dianne also works closely with each client to get all necessary information ready and entered into the Evolution payroll system. “I love that our team is well-balanced. Each team member is exceptional at what they do, which ultimately helps make for a smooth and pleasant experience for our clients,” affirms Dianne. As payroll can be a tedious process—especially for clients—Dianne has been so encouraged by the gratitude she’s experienced from LBMC EP’s clients. “Our clients appreciate how we can guide them through the implementation process and make it a pleasant experience. We’ve also recently expanded our efforts to enhance internal support, which makes things run smoothly and better for everyone, especially the client,” Dianne adds.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

For Dianne, many things stand out to her about the unique work environment at LBMC EP. “LBMC EP’s leadership puts great emphasis and care on building upon team members’ individual strengths, which I believe makes for happier employees and clients,” explains Dianne. Above all, Dianne enjoys LBMC EP’s intentional focus on maintaining genuine and high-quality customer service. 


Beyond the office, you’ll find Dianne hard at work on her family farm. From cattle to crops, Dianne enjoys the many unique experiences that farm life offers. When it comes to family, Dianne soaks up every second. She has a daughter, Christina, and a son, Christopher, and she lights up when you mention her grandbaby, Coco. Dianne also stays in touch regularly with her siblings, an older brother and sister and a younger sister who’s looking to retire in Tennessee. We can’t go without mentioning Dianne’s precious, tail-less Manx, Nala, who also holds a dear place in her heart.