Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Josephine Macharia celebrated 17 years of living in the United Sates in November of 2017. With the mission of attending college in the U.S, Josephine applied for schools in the north Georgia area since she had a cousin who resided in Atlanta. Eventually, Josephine was accepted at Kennesaw State University and majored in accounting. Soon after, Josephine landed an internship with a local accounting firm. Though she liked accounting and numbers, Josephine quickly learned that she didn’t find fulfillment in her accounts payable/receivable internship role. While looking for other types of jobs, Josephine was offered a position in the banking industry, which allowed her a more team-oriented, customer-service focus she had been missing. After 8 years in the Atlanta area, Josephine made the move to Nashville, where she served as a front office supervisor for Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Deciding to give accounting another shot, Josephine later took on a payroll position with Paychex, Inc. Josephine had the opportunity to learn about LBMC Employment Partners when a coworker left to take on a new role at the company. When a role on LBMC EP’s payroll tax team came open, Josephine applied and got the job. “With LBMC EP’s solid reputation and commitment to customer service, it was a no brainer for me to apply,” says Josephine.

Current Role:

In her current role as a payroll tax specialist, Josephine serves clients in multiple industries and states on a team of two with Manager Bryan Ray. With the responsibility of handling payroll tax outsourcing accounts, Josephine assists with filing taxes for clients who do not process payroll in-house. Josephine also collects and processes taxes for clients and is responsible for making payments to federal and state agencies. “Every day is different. From addressing penalties to correcting and updating tax rates to processing end-of-quarter taxes, my goal is to make sure all is in order for our clients,” Josephine affirms. “Bryan and I work hand-in-hand, and we’re always there to assist each other when needed,” says Josephine.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

Among the many things Josephine appreciates about working at LBMC EP is the leadership team’s dedication to the employees. “At LBMC EP, we are like a family. No one is just a number, and everyone is there for you when you need them,” says Josephine. This is very important to Josephine because she doesn’t have family within reach. “The last time I saw family was in 2014, so to enjoy the people you work with is a blessing,” she says. Customer service is also important to Josephine, which she says is what makes LBMC EP stand out among other companies. “LBMC EP’s reputation is what brought me here. We come together and serve the community, and that makes me proud to be a part of this wonderful team,” Josephine affirms.


Outside of work, Josephine is a huge soccer fan. Manchester United is her favorite team, and you can find Josephine catching a game on the weekends. “I’m the crazy neighbor who yells at the screen,” jokes Josephine. A lover of travel and the outdoors, Josephine also enjoys working out and running with her boyfriend. She also loves cleaning and cooking (spicy food, specifically). Though she doesn’t get to see her family often, Josephine talks to her mom on the phone every day, and she has two siblings, one brother and one sister. Josephine also has an 8-year-old dog named Maxi, who she says has been there for her while adjusting to living in Nashville.