Name: Kathy Waggoner 
Title: HR Account Manager
Been with LBMC EP: Since August 2015

Background: Originally from Ohio, Kathy Waggoner has called Franklin, Tennessee home since she was 10 years old. She majored in Business Administration while attending college at Middle Tennessee State University. Immediately after college, Kathy began working for the Federal Reserve Bank in Nashville, where she served in various roles for 12 years, including her last role as the Bank’s HR Manager. When an opportunity came about to work a bit closer to home, Kathy took a new role with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals at the company’s regional office in Franklin, where she served for almost three years in various HR aspects, but mainly with employee relations, which focused on employee performance and misconduct issues. After AstraZeneca closed its Franklin office, Kathy then came on board at LBMC as the first HR director for the LBMC family of companies. It was in this role that Kathy became familiar with LBMC Employment Partners. She left LBMC in 2008 to pursue adoption from Russia with her husband, Dennis. In 2015, Kathy came back to LBMC EP to fill in for an employee who was on maternity leave. She soon assumed a full-time role with LBMC EP, where she now serves full time as an HR account manager.

Current Role: A typical day for Kathy in her role involves supporting her clients’ Human Resources needs whatever those may be in a given day. Most of her clients are in the PEO, so she is supporting any aspect of Human Resources, onboarding new hires, policy administration, reporting, employee questions, etc. One client is a physicians’ group that has a large number of new members joining every month. A major focus for Kathy involves enrolling those physicians in their benefits programs, so she’s often on the phone, walking them through the benefits that are offered. “A lot of my work is also done via email, since many clients are located throughout the U.S.,” says Kathy. “Since I have so many physician clients, I try to be available after normal hours to best accommodate the physicians’ schedules,” she added.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: From her previous work with the LBMC family of companies, Kathy had much admiration for the way the company was operated, which made it an easy decision for her to come back to serve with LBMC EP in her current role. “You typically hear the term ‘family’ here at LBMC EP, and that’s what it feels like to be a part of this organization,” says Kathy. She also greatly values the internal communication process at LBMC EP. “LBMC EP is very intentional and organized, in terms of ensuring communication is taking place company wide,” Kathy affirms. With a variety of communication methods from monthly service team meetings that include company and employee celebrations, the introduction of new clients, or even new software, programs, processes, and procedures, Kathy appreciates how LBMC EP keeps employees informed. Another way she notices LBMC EP stands out is through cross-functional teams, where employees can learn about other specific areas of knowledge within the division.

Unique Factors of Your Work Environment: “LBMC EP is very team-oriented,” says Kathy. “We have the opportunity to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other,” she adds. When employees are looking for best practices, they can find experts within and learn from each other. Kathy also sees LBMC EP’s work environment as unique because of the many HR professionals you can find in one place.

Personal: Kathy’s time off is centered around family. She and her husband, Dennis, have been married for 13 years. They have two children, Tori and Max, both adopted from Russia. “Our kids keep us busy, and they are the light of our lives,” says Kathy. Both children are involved in sports, which Dennis enjoys as a huge U.T. Volunteers fan. Kathy is also the current PTA President at her children’s school, where she has served as a volunteer ever since they enrolled. Kathy comes from a large family and enjoys making time for family visits whenever possible.