Name: Kirk Runder
Title: Payroll Specialist
Been with LBMC EP: Since April 2016


Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Kirk Runder made the move to San Francisco at the age of 19 after a family vacation to the California city inspired him to leave home and establish some new roots there.  After a few years in San Francisco, Kirk eventually made the move to Monterey, California, where he worked as a retail manager for Pebble Beach Resorts for ten years. After spending 17 years in California, Kirk decided to come back home to Tennessee with the goal of being closer to his family, and he’s enjoyed calling Nashville home since 2008. Desiring a career change from retail management, Kirk soon found his way into payroll processing and has served in the field for the past five years. In April of 2016, Kirk had the honor of adding his payroll processing talents to the LBMC Employment Partners team.

Current Role:

As a Payroll Specialist at LBMC EP, Kirk enjoys how each day brings different challenges and opportunities. “In payroll, our work schedule usually follows the ebb and flow of the semi-monthly pay cycle when the bulk of our clients are processing payroll. On slower off-cycle weeks, we can devote more time to working on client projects or pulling reports for clients,” says Kirk. “I enjoy collaborating with other payroll specialists in our department to find solutions to our clients’ business needs, as well as resolving issues,” Kirk adds. He also enjoys the teamwork and comradery that is evident at LBMC EP. Among his favorite things about his role is the ways in which everyone works together as one team to provide seamless service for every client. “Our clients are very diverse, and I think that keeps our work interesting. In fact, no two clients are exactly alike, and it is satisfying to be able to meet their multiple needs,” affirms Kirk.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

When it comes to what makes LBMC EP stand out from other places he has served, Kirk says, “I think a spirit of positivity and a can-do attitude permeates throughout our organization. It starts at the top with LBMC EP partners Sharon Powlus and Ron Perry, who always walk through the office each morning with a friendly greeting to all team members or even serenade us with a song some days.” Kirk affirms that it is very clear that Sharon and Ron want LBMC EP to be a fun place to work—and it is! Kirk also enjoys the fact that everybody at LBMC EP enjoys food. “We have some wonderful cooks in the office, and we’re treated to numerous, delicious potluck meals throughout the year,” says Kirk. 


Outside the office, you can find Kirk working to stay fit and healthy through hot yoga and regular exercise. Kirk also enjoys collecting all types of music, and he’s always on the lookout for an obscure album or live show. “I also enjoy film, books, and art, and I’ve even dabbled in creating a few sculptures,” adds Kirk. Kirk is proud of his children who are now grown. He has a son who’s 23 and currently lives with him in East Nashville, and his 20-year-old daughter attends college in Grinnell, Iowa.