Name: Lita Miller
Title: Payroll Specialist 
Been with LBMC Employment Partners Since: July 2010

Background: Lita Miller grew up north of Nashville in Gallatin, Tennessee. For seven years, Lita worked in the insurance industry. As she grew in the business, Lita learned she had a passion for teaching and attended Vol State Community College to become a teacher. Growing even more through her classwork, Lita discovered that, though she loved teaching, she didn’t want to be a school teacher. Receiving her Associate Degree in Business and Commerce, Lita then joined LBMC Employment Partners as an Administrative Assistant. Lita continued to stay in tune to her passions and discovered she had a knack for payroll after being asked to assist the payroll team with their software and other tasks. She voiced her idea, and Employment Partners moved Lita into the payroll department. 

Current Role: On a regular basis, Lita explains, “You never really know what you might need to do each day. There are deadlines to be made, but daily life involves helping the client with everything from login issues to the time keeping software.” Though she ended up not becoming a school teacher, Lita’s position allows her to constantly teach her coworkers or share important updates with her clients. “Payroll can be very complex, with a long list of ever-changing codes and regulations. And, I love that, on a regular basis, payroll gives me an opportunity to stretch, learn, and play with my skills, when it comes to the software.”

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: As Lita explains, in this current market, and especially after the latest election cycle, there seems to be a lot of withheld information—whether subconscious or not—among people, including interactions with companies. One of the things that stands out to Lita the most is LBMC Employment Partners' openness and integrity. “Everybody at LBMC operates with the highest of moral values that I’ve seen at any company I’ve worked for,” Lita says, “The focus at Employment Partners has always been the client. We work together as a team, so we can deliver to the clients whatever they might need.” 

Unique Factors of Your Work Environment: “Unlike a lot of other companies, we’re not departmentalized as much. In another company, one person might handle benefits, another person might work on state taxes or employer based taxes—it’s very segmented, and it tends to create an environment with people who are on guard to keep their job secure.” Lita says the openness of the work culture at LBMC Employment Partners allows for people to grow and evolve, “Everybody has their individual strengths, and we all constantly share them and use them. They all ask for help, and everybody teaches. There are no secrets—everybody’s very open to sharing.” This honest environment allows the team dynamic to be very strong. Every single person in the office joins together to form the Employment Partners network that’s necessary to take care of all of their clients.

Personal: Almost every single person in Employment Partners' office owns something that Lita has made for them. She loves creating new crafts, like jewelry, personalized photo albums, and crocheted cowls. If she’s not crafting, Lita is cooking or baking. Though she’s more of a cat fan, the past two pets Lita has owned have ironically been dogs. Her current dog is named Bear—a chow mix. Make sure you get Lita to tell her how she came to own her dogs!