Name: Mandy Hutchinson
Title: Payroll Tax Assistant
Been with LBMC EP: Since August 2010


A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mandy Hutchinson received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan with a double major in economics and math. Upon graduation, Mandy made her way to Chicago to take a position with Deloitte & Touche. The company offered a unique opportunity for liberal arts majors to acquire accounting experience while completing a Master’s degree in Accounting. Upon completion of the program, Mandy worked first in the audit department and later in the tax department of the company. Mandy and her husband later moved back to Holland, Michigan, where she worked for a local accounting firm providing compilation and tax services. After having her first child, Mandy decided to stay at home for a few years. She had two more children, and the family moved to Nashville. When her youngest child started Kindergarten, a friend who worked at LBMC Employment Partners encouraged her to apply for a part-time opening on the tax team. She decided to pursue the opportunity, and joined the LBMC EP team soon after.

Current Role:

Mandy has always been a part-time employee with LBMC EP. Serving on a team of four, Mandy has no designated client set, as her responsibilities are very project-driven and involve all new and existing clients. “Some days, I work with the set-up team researching the best way to set up a new multi-state client, so that state and local taxes calculate correctly. Other days, I might research taxes in a specific state or locality for a new client location. There are also many days when I’m working with our payroll tax team to complete the quarterly and annual tax filings for state, local, and federal taxes,” Mandy says. Additionally, Mandy helps with the process of consolidating all PEO clients into one federal filing.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out:

“LBMC EP is a really special place to work,” affirms Mandy. She can’t say enough about how LBMC EP Partners Ron and Sharon promote teamwork, with everybody working hard but also having fun on the job. “The work environment we have at LBMC EP is unique to this company and industry. People care for each other deeply, and this bleeds from the top down,” says Mandy. LBMC EP enables Mandy to have a flexible schedule and a pleasant work environment where her colleagues are supportive of her learning and growing. Though Mandy had little experience specific to payroll when she first started, she was able to grow and learn along the way. “Our team of four works well together, and our skills complement each other nicely. We always know who is the best team member to take on certain tasks. There’s no tension or competition,” adds Mandy. Every day is a different challenge for Mandy. She’s never bored, and she loves that there’s always more to learn and new tasks to complete. Mandy defines her role at LBMC EP as professionally-satisfying.


Mandy and her family reside in Franklin, Tennessee. Her husband Andrew works at Vanderbilt.   Her two oldest children, Meg and John, are now in college and both attend the University of Tennessee. Mandy’s youngest son Charlie is an 8th grader, and the family has a dog (Max) and two cats (Bo and Annie). Kids and family are very important to Mandy, which is why working in her part-time role at LBMC EP has been a blessing. Mandy’s hobbies include volunteering at her church in the youth department as a girls’ small group leader and Sunday School assistant. She also serves as a church finance committee member.