Name: Marcia Savage 
Title: Payroll Specialist 
Been with LBMC Employment Partners: Since August 2007

Background: Marcia Savage grew up in West Tennessee, believing she would have a career in either cosmetology or accounting. After moving to Georgia and attending Middle Georgia Technology College, Marcia received her Associate Degree in Accounting and began working for the Wal-Mart Return Center’s payroll department for almost 10 years. Missing her sisters in Nashville, Marcia found a position within LBMC Employment Partners’ payroll division. Having a history in job longevity, Marcia remains true to form and has been with LBMC Employment Partners for 10 years. 

Current Role: Marcia’s day-to-day role is always focused on the client, connecting with them for processing various payroll tasks. Marcia and her payroll team serve around 45 clients out of LBMC Employment Partners' over 300 payroll clients. One of Marcia’s favorite things about her job is writing reports. Marcia will tell you she considers herself a specialist in this area, and she loves helping her coworkers with reports. Marcia says, “I like when I have a client who needs something, and I can help them right away. Hearing their appreciation means a lot to me.” It also shows both the benefits of outsourcing payroll to LBMC Employment Partners and the value of having someone as detailed-oriented as Marcia on a client’s team. Being at LBMC Employment Partners for 10 years, Marcia says the company has grown so much and is in all different types of industries from healthcare to education to energy.

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: Knowing the ins and outs of LBMC Employment Partners fairly well, Marcia understands the worth of customer service. “LBMC Employment Partners' customer service is great,” Marcia says, “We receive a lot of feedback from clients who let us know about how well our representatives handle all situations in a timely manner. The name LBMC says a lot itself.” Marcia says word of mouth is so important in this industry, and LBMC Employment Partners has really proven to be a good asset to a company’s team. They go as far as holding continuous internal training for their employees, which is where Marcia found the joy in writing reports. 

Unique Factors of Your Work Environment: LBMC Employment Partners truly values their employees. Marcia loves the flexibility she can have with her hours, as long as the work gets done correctly. She also praises the team-oriented atmosphere, “Our team is always able to work with each other if someone needs help.” Marcia goes on to explain how the whole team has come to know and trust each other well, “It’s a great company. It’s a second home. Everyone is like family.”

Personal: When she’s not on the phone or meeting with a client, Marcia is with her family. Darron, Marcia’s husband of two years (who also does payroll), love to go out to B.B. King’s Blues Club in downtown Nashville or fishing on Percy Priest Lake. They also love to host family and friends at their house. What does Marcia like to do for fun? Decorate. So, if you need some help with payroll and upgrading your house decor, you can kill two birds with one stone when you connect with Marcia.