Name: Rebekah Harney
Joined LBMC Employment Partner: 2011
Title: Business Development Manager

Background: While growing up, Rebekah worked with her family at their local funeral home. Constantly being around and working with people, Rebekah developed a charisma in her dealings with customers. Sharon Powlus, close family friend and partner of LBMC Employment Partners, noticed Rebekah’s ease in working with people and felt she would be a perfect fit for LBMC Employment Partners. Immediately after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, with both her Bachelor’s in Business and her Master’s in Business Administration, Rebekah joined the LBMC Employment Partners team and hasn’t looked back. 

Current Role: As a Business Development Manager, Rebekah’s role is twofold. On the managerial side of things, Rebekah works with her sales team, helping them price out services, understand client needs, and answering any other questions her team might have. On the client facing side of her role, Rebekah is out in the field with her team, promoting LBMC Employment Partners and all the services they provide. A typical day for Rebekah includes: being on multiple calls, juggling meetings, delivering proposals, and setting up new clients.

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: When asked what about LBMC Employment Partners stood out in her mind, Rebekah immediately responded with, “There are a lot of companies that do something we do, but there are no companies that do everything we do. Our team is put together in such a way that we specialize in many different areas, not just HR.” Being local is also very important to Rebekah, along with the rest of LBMC Employment Partners. “All of our clients have a dedicated HR and payroll rep. Instead of having to call a 1(800) number like most of our competitors, clients have direct access to those overseeing their account.”

Unique Factors of Work Environment: Rebekah considers everyone at LBMC Employment Partners to all be “one big family.” “We all work together, take summer outing trips, and are just very supportive of each other,” says Rebekah. 

Personal: Rebekah enjoys showing Tennessee Walking horses, a hobby she’s had since childhood, and incidentally, where she met her husband Justin, to whom she’s been married for two and a half years. On November 13th, 2015, Rebekah and Justin welcomed Jack, their first baby boy, into the world. Their family wouldn’t be complete though without Chancey, their precious pup.