LBMC Employment Partners' Jack of All Trades

Name: Renee McGowen
Joined LBMC Employment Partners: 2001
Title: Project Manager

Background: Renee graduated from MTSU, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Before joining the LBMC Employment Partners team, Renee worked with Ron Perry (one of the Founding Partners of LBMC Employment Partners) at his previous venture, Crichton/Perry Insurance Agency. While at Crichton/Perry Insurance Agency, Renee was involved with the concept and planning stages of LBMC Employment Partners (then known as Partners in Employment). When Perry decided to leave Crichton to focus on LBMC Employment Partners full-time, Renee followed and has been on staff ever since.  

Current Role: When it comes to her duties at LBMC Employment Partners, she touches some facet of every project. Whether it’s payroll, 401ks, managing all workers’ comp for PEO clients, handling client billing, or taking care of internal payables, Renee has the opportunity to work closely with every employee. She is also a dedicated project manager for clients, like HCA or Lifepoint Hospitals. In her own words, Renee believes that “as a Project Manager I am given the unique opportunity to see the big picture because I work with every department within the LBMC Employment Partners.” 

Why LBMC Employment Partners Stands Out: Renee believes it’s LBMC Employment Partners' knowledgeable team members, who truly care about their clients, that makes them stand out from amongst the rest. “Part of our culture is the mantra, ‘We are only as strong on the outside as we are on the inside,’ and we have a rock solid staff.” explains Renee. “Internally, we also care about each other. We are always sharing knowledge, resources, etc. with each other, and that really shines through when we deliver the final product to the client.” When a client hires an HR manager, they aren’t just getting that single person — they are getting an entire team of people. “It’s the outside shining from the inside,” says Renee. “We do a lot of things behind the scenes that the client may never see but will reap the benefits of in the future.”

Unique Factors of Work Environment: Simply put, Renee believes that what makes LBMC Employment Partners a truly great place to work is the respect that they have for each other, and their willingness to share and to serve, both internally and externally.

Personal Life: Outside of LBMC Employment Partners, Renee is a loving wife and mother. Her daughter is a first grade teacher, and her son is about to graduate high school and attend UT Knoxville. Her husband is in sales, and because of that, Renee has a greater respect for LBMC Employment Partners' sales force, as she understands the challenges they face. Renee loves nature, spending time outdoors, and gardening, which is a passion she shared with her late father. Renee also shares her children’s love of sports and is an avid kick-boxer (better watch out). Above all, Renee loves making memories with her family, friends, and her cat, Marino.