Wade Nelson, Marketing Segment Analyst

Joined LBMC: February 2016


Nashville native Wade Nelson made his way into marketing by way of Auburn University’s economics program. After college, Wade moved back to Nashville and began his career as a financial analyst at Comdata, Inc. and was subsequently offered a role at LBMC as an analyst in the marketing department. Wade took the opportunity as a chance to apply an analytical mindset to strategic goals within the company and to learn more about what it takes to drive business. Wade is currently pursuing his MBA through Indiana University, which he’ll complete in May. He is also a member of Nashville’s Young Leaders Council 2017 class.

Current Role

Wade describes his typical day as a mix of applying analytical skills and maintaining an overall strategic marketing perspective to his projects. He uses data to help drive growth for LBMC and all its affiliates. Wade is currently working on a project to help others understand his role at LBMC, in which he dissects LBMC’s regions – Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville – to examine who the clients are, what specific services are offered, how the industries compare, and how each region is growing. The analysis will help uncover LBMC’s growth potential and opportunities within each region and industry segment.

Why LBMC Stands Out

When Wade was asked how he would describe LBMC, he replies, “Had you asked me when I first started, I would have said LBMC was an audit and tax accounting firm. But what definitely stands out – and what I’ve learned from the partners – is that we’re willing to provide any type of service that a business or individual would need.” The way LBMC customizes services for each client – in each industry – is an important component of why a client would want to work with LBMC. Wade also points out that the way LBMC’s employees execute services leaves clients feeling assured.

Unique Factors of Work Environment

Almost an entire new team was assembled as Wade joined LBMC’s marketing department, and they have grown together and learned from one another since day one. At his first job, Wade was one of almost 1,000 employees. “I felt like I was only a part of a small group. I was used to seeing or talking to only four or five people a day,” he says. Being a part of this team at LBMC has allowed Wade to work with multiple groups and departments. “You really get a chance to meet and learn from a lot of different people. Everyone is willing to provide help, ask for help, and do anything for you.”

Most Popular Service

Wade points out the employees at LBMC know their clients well, but they may not always see a benefit to knowing how the market is changing for specific service offerings or how clients could benefit from a completely different service. Wade and the marketing team help tell the LBMC story so employees can continue to serve clients better and make connecting with potential new clients easier. “Our group was brought on to help shape a more unified approach to driving growth, either through targeting clients or getting new prospects. We’ve been able to provide a more holistic view of what LBMC employees think their customer base is in each service line,” he says.

Outside the Office

Not surprisingly, this Southerner is a big sports fan. During football season, Wade helps host a tailgate at Auburn every chance he gets. A longtime basketball and baseball player, Wade participates in a men’s baseball league and plays basketball for Covenant Presbyterian Church. He also recently shot a hole in one in golf!