Name: Yuvon Stanfield
Title: Payroll Specialist
Been with LBMC EP: First stint began in October 1998 and second stint began in May 2011

Background: Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, Yuvon Stanfield made her way to Nashville in 1979 to attend college at Trevecca Nazarene University. After one year, Yuvon decided to move back home. While enrolled at the University of South Carolina in her hometown, Yuvon took on a part-time job, where she met her now husband of 35 years. A few years later, in 1984, Yuvon and her husband both moved back to Nashville, where she completed her degree at Trevecca as a music major, with a concentration in accounting. While studying at Trevecca, Yuvon took a role collecting defaulted student loans in the university’s business office. This role led Yuvon to transition into an accounts payable position, where she eventually added payroll to her responsibilities. Yuvon later accepted a job with an insurance company, where she handled billing and payroll. Her then supervisor left the company for a role with Payroll Partners. Following in her supervisor’s footsteps, Yuvon also joined the Payroll Partners team, which was eventually acquired by LBMC Employment Partners. Yuvon’s career spans over 30 years.

Current Role: As a payroll specialist, a typical day for Yuvon involves managing payroll for over 50 clients to which she is assigned. She also assists fellow coworkers with other client payroll functions, in the event someone is out of the office or a need arises. Among Yuvon’s client industries are healthcare, technology, banking, distribution, and more. Yuvon says, “We hit the ground running when we arrive to work. There’s never a lack of work, and we enjoy taking care of our clients.”

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: “LBMC Employment Partners is a wonderful place to work,” Yuvon says. “They not only care about the business, but they care about us as individuals. They encourage us to grow in any area we can and not feel stagnant,” she added. Yuvon considers LBMC EP like a family, and she truly values the team spirit that’s evident throughout the office and within the company. Yuvon is also grateful for the collaborative environment and camaraderie amongst fellow employees.

Personal: Yuvon and her husband, Calvin, will celebrate their 36th anniversary this month. The year of their 15th wedding anniversary, Yuvon delivered their daughter, Miranda, who will be a senior at Trevecca Nazarene University this fall. As for family pets, they have a dog, a Chowsky named Bear, who Yuvon says is actually very sweet and gentle for such a strong name. As for hobbies, Yuvon loves singing and playing the piano for church worship services, which allows her to utilize her college degree in a fun and passionate way. Yuvon and her family enjoy getting away to the Smoky Mountains as often as time allows. On her travel bucket list is a trip to Hawaii, so Yuvon is hopeful to check that one off her list very soon.