Having a solid employee training program is crucial to the start of an employee’s journey at a new company. Without proper training, employees can wind up feeling lost at a new job and may not reach their full potential.

Building up a quality training platform for employees can be challenging, but the rewards are well worth it. Here are a few ways to raise the bar on your employee training programs.

4 Ways to Improve Employee Training

1. Take a blended learning approach.

Many employers utilize the help of video or software training platforms for new hires, which can be very useful. However, employees often learn better and feel more connected to the company and role when there is an element of hands-on training as well. If employees will be operating equipment or using specific computer software, they should get the opportunity to do that during training. If the new employee is remote, managers can still check in virtually or walk them through some aspect of the job to keep them engaged.

2. Consider training as a tool.

It’s so important for employers to keep high expectations for employee training programs, and not just “check the box” when employees complete the training. Rather, training can be much more than a pre-work requirement and instead an important ongoing tool. Employers should work to build a training program where their employees actually learn something and keep learning as they go. This starts with communicating clear expectations to employees when they enter training and continues with a regular evaluation of the training program and its goals.

3. Measure success.

To get the most from employee training, managers should establish clear ways to measure the program’s success. Using assessments and employee surveys, managers can identify their employees’ strengths and weaknesses after they complete training. Measuring employees’ learning is also important for determining the effectiveness of the training program itself. By asking employees what they learned, as well as what they want to learn, managers can better tailor their program to their company’s needs.

4. Gear training towards professional development.

Providing opportunities for professional growth and leadership is one of the best ways to increase employee satisfaction. Employers should look beyond training during onboarding and offer opportunities for their workers to grow throughout their time at the company. Offering certifications or skills training for mid-career employees helps them feel empowered and can improve their performance. This can also help prepare employees for promotions within the company.

Need Some Guidance with Employee Training?

LBMC Employment Partners can help you design an effective employee training program and find ways to keep workers engaged through professional development. From payroll to Human Resources Outsourcing to PEO services, we’re equipped with a comprehensive suite of HR services to grow with your company along the way!