In today’s world, flexibility in work arrangement is a key factor in both successful hiring of talent and retention of key employees. In the Nashville market, a few trends are surfacing that relate directly to hiring and retention of great talent.

  1. Telecommute – the ability to work from home for all or part of the work week. This alternative seems to be more feasible for individual contributors vs. managers of a team.
  2. Flexible work schedule – to offset traffic that often plagues Nashville commutes, employers are offering flexible work schedules with early or late start times that allow employees to miss the peak traffic periods.
  3. Fun Fridays/Summer Hours – typically done seasonally, employers offer the option of working four, nine-hour days, then half a day on Friday, or a similar combination that allows employees to enjoy more free time during the summer.
  4. Open PTO – because of the 24/7 availability that smart phones permit, giving employees the feeling of never truly being “unplugged,” companies are implementing open PTO policies where days out of the office are not actively tracked. Guidelines are in place to ensure that work is being completed, but the days of logging your vacation time has been replaced by less stringent rules surrounding days off as approved by current supervisor.
  5. Three-week initial PTO privilege – for those companies not comfortable with an open PTO policy, a more generous PTO policy for new hires is more prevalent. Three weeks is the typical starting PTO for new employees vs. two weeks in years past.
  6. Multi-location offices – some larger employers in the Metro area have multiple offices, allowing employees to work out of the office location that is most convenient for them and their individual needs.