For businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries, engaging team members has never been more important. In a post-COVID world, shoring up your team member engagement may be the number one thing you can do to positively impact your bottom line. Let’s face it – happy team members make happy clients. Engaged team members are also more productive, more innovative and more likely to speak positively about your company. With the remote workforce here to stay, at least in some capacity, it’s crucial that organizations not only prioritize team member engagement, but also find creative ways to engage teams in the virtual environment.

So, how can you make sure your team members are engaged? Ensure they feel connected through clear, consistent communication. Even in the best of times, poor or lacking communication can have a negative impact on your organization. And now more than ever, companies will be well served to prioritize communication strategies and be intentional with internal communications. As you plan for 2022, here are three ways team member engagement can boost your bottom line.

Elevating your brand.

According to MSL Group, when team members share a brand message, it has 561% further reach than when shared through a company channel. When your teams feel engaged and connected to your organization, they are more likely to become brand advocates. Team members who feel good about where they work want to share that message and are more likely to bring others on board. Having brand ambassadors help with recruiting can make finding top talent a bit easier in the competitive market, and higher retention rates and lower talent acquisition costs will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

When it comes to sharing a brand message, authenticity is key. How do you ensure you are authentic? Communicate consistent messaging across all channels and make sure your message reflects the core values of your organization. If you are telling your team members one thing but your clients another, your message won’t resonate with your audiences. To build a strong culture, it’s critical to be transparent – so your clients see on the outside what your team members are experiencing on the inside.

Leading business advisory and consulting firm, LBMC, leverages its corporate communications to distribute a consistent brand message across all channels. The firm’s weekly e-newsletter celebrates team members, keeps them informed, and creates a sense of community across the enterprise. The newsletter is supplemented by internal digital signage and an intranet site that provide key updates. Internal communications flow through the Marketing team to facilitate consistency in messaging both internally and externally.

When implementing your communication strategy, make sure your messaging is clear, authentic and transparent. Consistency is just as important as the content itself.

Enhancing productivity and driving innovation.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, organizations with connected team members have 20 – 25% higher productivity. When your teams understand how their role fits into the big picture and how they impact the whole, they are more likely to care about your company and work harder and will be more inspired to achieve your company’s vision and long-term goals.

LBMC’s strategic plan provides a framework with five core pillars for team members to work towards a shared vision and common goals backed by the firm’s values. Team members develop individual goals to help achieve team goals, which support the overall goals of the organization. With a focus on optimization, individuals and teams works towards redesigning processes to enhance efficiency for team members and clients alike.

By developing new, better ways to deliver services the right way at the right time, your teams can help move your organization forward. Giving your team members a chance to be part of the solution goes a long way towards building morale, which in turn increases productivity and drives innovation.

Increasing revenue.

An engaged workforce can help elevate your brand and enhance efficiency, but can it drive revenue? According to Aon Hewitt, a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in growth the following year.

A key component of LBMC’s strategic plan is focused on growth within its current client base by expanding relationships and service offerings. If your company sells multiple products or services, effective internal communications are a must for educating your team members. Make sure your messaging is clear without being overwhelming. Not everyone needs to know the details of every product or service, just that your company offers them.

LBMC’s corporate communications drip information to educate team members on the multitude of business consulting and advisory solutions offered by the LBMC Family of Companies. Bite sized spotlights offer high level “Did you know” pieces about the service line, the solutions it provides to clients, and who the key contacts are.

The firm’s corporate communications are reinforced by education and training opportunities offered by LBMC’s dedicated Talent Development Team. Virtual and in person sessions are provided to team members at all levels of the organization and feature an overview component about each service and what to listen for when talking to clients.

The more your teams know about your products and services, the more cross-sell and new business opportunities your company will have. And educating team members on your company’s service lines will lead to better communication across lines of business, foster interdepartmental collaboration, and promote camaraderie, which leads to higher engagement.

Key Takeaways

With the hybrid workforce here today, there has never been a more crucial time to make sure your teams feel connected. As you plan for 2022, take time to look at your internal communications strategy to shore up team member engagement. As your team members are key influencers for sharing your brand message, internal communications may be the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Content provided by LBMC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Liesel Meyer.