Late last year, LBMC has conducted the LBMC/Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) National Manufacturing Outlook Survey, where more than 450 manufacturing executives participated. The feedback provided shows that optimism is high about U.S. and global economies, and also noted the main areas of concern they plan to address this year.

The top goals for manufacturers revolve around streamlining complex processes resulting in significant cost and time savings while increasing overall productivity and profitability. Many believe that streamlining long-established processes can be daunting and time-consuming…but it doesn’t have to be.

OnBase by Hyland can reduce reliance on manual, paper-based processes, saving time and money.  Read on how OnBase can transform each department of your manufacturing organization.

Sales & Customer Service

With OnBase, organizations optimize campaign and promotion management. Creating consistent messaging while increasing both visibility and revenue is simplified. By utilizing a web portal, organizations post all information and content surrounding new promotions in a single location, allowing users to track their success. The OnBase Knowledge Management solution also increases the effectiveness of the customer service department. By improving efficiencies relative to reduced research and training times, increasing resolution accuracy and the overall management of service volumes is easily done.

OnBase Solutions for Sales & Customer Service:

    • Campaign/Promotion Management
    • Contract Management
    • Customer Portal
    • Engineering Change Management
    • Knowledge Management

Logistics & Supply Chain

OnBase eliminates manual processing, speeding the vendor review and selection processes. By allowing users to manage related information across the supply chain, OnBase enables benchmarking activities that strengthen the entire process with increased speed and accuracy. OnBase also features online self-service user portals, providing vendors with instant access to needed information like order forms, records of previous transactions and images of shipping labels. With one place for vendors to find everything they need, employees have more time to focus on strengthening important vendor relationships.

OnBase Solutions for Logistics & Supply Chain:

    • Portal Solutions
    • Vendor Review and Selection

Procurement & Purchasing

OnBase makes it easy for manufacturing organizations to compile, manage and track vendor documentation. All information is stored in the OnBase document repository, providing users with immediate access to information when needed. As procurement and purchasing departments capture documents, OnBase automatically files them into the right electronic folder. Further optimizing procurement and purchasing processes, OnBase tracks any required documentation and allows users to quickly run reports to see what information is missing across the entire supply chain.

OnBase Solutions for Procurement & Purchasing:

    • Contract Management
    • Requisition Approval
    • Vendor Portal
    • Vendor Review and Selection

Accounting & Finance

By removing paper from accounting and finance departments, document creation, review, and approval processes are more efficient and secure – saving time and money. OnBase automates business processes like invoice approvals and payment processing, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks instead of searching for paper-based documents and information. Audit trails, instant reporting, and executive dashboards provide additional real-time insight into processes, helping organizations proactively meet compliance standards and regulations.

OnBase solutions for Accounting & Finance:

    • Accounts Payable – Invoice Processing and Management – Vendor Management Portal
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Capital Expenditure Management
    • Contract Management
    • Financial Close and Reporting
    • Requisition Approval

Human Resources

From recruiting and onboarding to payroll and records management, OnBase manages documents and processes so HR focuses on employees and their career aspirations, not paper. OnBase securely stores all employee information in one place and automatically identifies missing documents. It also retains information for the proper period of time, purging documents when they are no longer needed.

OnBase solutions for Human Resources:

    • Benefits Administration
    • Employee File Management
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Employee/Manager Self-Service
    • Employee Separation
    • Payroll
    • Performance Management – Employee Development – Performance and Promotion Management
    • Policy and Procedure Administration


OnBase improves operational efficiencies by streamlining the management of facilities, assets, policies and procedures, compliance documents as well as environmental, health and safety information. OnBase stores documents and related content – like CAD drawings, safety procedures, photos, and videos – in a central repository, providing users with instant access to the information they need. With OnBase, manufacturing organizations can also rapidly distribute and track required reading documents to needed employees, supporting audit reading compliance for legal, regulatory and training purposes.

OnBase Solutions for Operations:

    • Asset Maintenance
    • Compliance Document Management
    • Engineering Change Management
    • Environmental Health and Safety Management
    • Facilities Management
    • Policy and Procedure Administration

Legal & Governance, Risk & Compliance

OnBase easily allows the facilitation of audits and other compliance requirements, mitigating risks to increase profitability. OnBase Records Management automatically controls the retention of business records, providing cutoff periods, retention plans and multiple destruction options. OnBase also optimizes contract management. Users securely create, finalize and store contracts within the system. Automatic alerts notify employees of upcoming contract renewals, preventing contracts from lapsing or automatically renewing without being reviewed or renegotiated.

OnBase Solutions for Legal & Governance, Risk & Compliance:

    • Compliance Document Management
    • Contract Processing and Management
    • eDiscovery – Archiving – Document Retention
    • Records Management

IT Department

By seamlessly integrating existing (LOB) applications with OnBase, organizations save time and reduce the risks associated with manually transferring data between applications. OnBase provides a range of integration tools that require no costly custom coding to implement and feature integrations for a variety of Microsoft® applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. OnBase also improves contract and asset management by tracking real-time information while providing instant access to it when needed – from desktops, tablets or smartphones.

OnBase Solutions for IT Departments:

    • Contract Management
    • Integrations
    • IT Asset Management

Research & Development

To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry, organizations must research strategies that mitigate risk and reduce time-to-market. OnBase streamlines research and development administration by storing information – including supporting documentation, CAD drawings, videos, and photos – in a central repository, providing users with instant access. With workflow automation forwarding documents and information to the right people and notifying stakeholders along the way, OnBase speeds reviews and approvals, allowing organizations to implement change improvements faster than in a paper-based world.

OnBase Solutions for Research & Development:

    • Administration and Documentation
    • Research and Development

Now that we’ve talked about how OnBase increases efficiencies and decreases costs departmentally, it’s time to take a step back and look at your entire organization. Though it’s tailored for departments, OnBase is comprehensive and flexible enough to serve an entire enterprise – no matter the location. It’s time to connect the dots within your organization. If you are a manufacturing executive looking to improve your systems, processes, and departments, contact us today.