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How to Choose a Payroll Service Provider



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Let’s be honest—an employee’s number one priority is to receive a paycheck with no errors and on time, right? If you find yourself without time or a designated manager to meet your payroll needs, it’s likely time to enlist a payroll service provider.  Not only will you gain back resourceful time, but your employees will be happy and productive.

Employers and HR managers need time to work directly with employees, answering questions, and offering assistance, rather than dealing with payroll processing issues. So, how do you choose the right payroll outsourcing service provider that’s best for your business? Here are some essential questions to ask before making your decision.

1. What specific payroll services do you offer?

From general payroll processing to timekeeping to employee self-service to reporting, it should be a priority to first learn about the specific services a payroll provider can offer and which services will be most critical to your business needs.

2. Is your payroll service compatible with our company’s accounting software?

Beware of payroll companies who are unwilling to integrate with other HR and accounting software systems. A payroll provider’s ability to integrate with other types of accounting software platforms will offer you greater flexibility and control.

3. What are the pricing options and fees for your payroll services?

A good payroll provider will not only offer you competitive pricing but will also be able to offer pricing based on your company’s specific needs.

4. How does the payroll service setup and overall process work?

It’s important to know if there’s an extensive learning curve or training involved with the enlisting of a payroll service. The ultimate goal should be a simple and easy transition.

5. Does your payroll service offer payroll tax solutions?

In addition to regular payroll services, a good payroll service provider can offer peace of mind and reduce risk in the complex area of payroll tax compliance.

6. Does your payroll service offer safe and secure handling of customer data?

It's important to understand how a payroll service provider protects its customer data and sensitive financial information. A good payroll service provider will make sure your accounting and payroll information stays clear from potential hackers.

7. What type of customer support does your payroll service offer?

Every person or business wants to be certain they can receive the customer support needed when necessary. Find out the accessibility and availability of the payroll service provider’s customer support before you enlist.

We are confident that when you search for a payroll solutions service, you will see that LBMC Employment Partners is the best of the bunch. Contact us today to learn more! 

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