The events of 2020 threw many workplaces off kilter. Many companies had to lay off or furlough employees or push most of their workforce online. As companies try to get back on track in 2021, human resources will likely demand much of the work.

Fortunately, there are amazing tools out there that can help employers manage these tumultuous times. Workforce Ready is a human capital management (HCM) program that allows companies to get the most from their employees. 

Here is what Workforce Ready can do to help position your company for success in 2021:

Get Organized

Workforce Ready integrates all the data, employee files, and other human resources tools into one easy-to-use platform. With Workforce Ready, there is only one reference point and version of the truth, so there is no reason to second guess information.

Manage Employees

HCM (human capital management) is the new way that companies are taking human resources to the next level. The tools provided by Workforce Ready go beyond routine HR tasks. They also provide insights that allow companies to manage their employees more strategically. Workforce Ready is a great way for your company to get started with HCM so that you can begin unlocking the full potential of your employees.

Manage Remote Data and Productivity

Having information available in the cloud can be valuable for any company, but it is particularly helpful for businesses that have made a sudden transition to remote work. Workforce Ready allows companies to seamlessly put all time tracking, productivity, and employee information online for easy access from anywhere. For companies worried about their employees’ productivity at home, Workforce Ready also provides built-in productivity tools that help keep workers on track even when they can’t be at the office.

Support Growth

For companies looking to grow or rebuild in 2021, Workforce Ready integrates tools for recruiting, onboarding, and training. These tools are crucial for employers hoping to hire high-quality employees quickly and provide them with the appropriate training. Workforce Ready allows employers and HR departments to seamlessly manage employees, starting with recruiting and ending with the offboarding.

Save Money

Many employers using outdated software or managing methods are filled with redundancy and inefficiency. Workforce Ready streamlines all HR tasks and eliminates errors, allowing employers to save time and money in the long run.

Need Assistance with Human Capital Management?

LBMC Employment Partners can help your company get started with Workforce Ready. Contact us today to learn how LBMC Employment Partners can help. From payroll services to HR outsourcing to our PEO services, we are fully equipped to grow and scale with your company along the way!