Human Resources Outsourcing, collectively known as an HRO, is a relationship allowing a company such as LBMC Employment Partners to serve as the coordinator and manager of selected Human Resources roles. With a convenient single point of contact, an HRO can provide individual or blended HR services to ideally meet your needs. For small businesses, a relationship with an HRO can make life much easier, freeing up business leaders to focus on the daily functions of the industry, while an HRO handles the often tedious and detail-oriented tasks of employee management and compliance with HR laws and regulations.

When enlisting the services of an HRO, small businesses can benefit from a variety of services that can be bundled or chosen in an a la carte manner. Here are just a few of the HR services small businesses can take advantage of when outsourcing to an HRO partner.

Development and Management of Employee Paperwork and Handbooks

Paperwork can take a lot of time and attention to complete and process. Outsourcing these functions to trusted professionals can save you a lot of time and potential legal trouble. Even more, having an employee handbook will not only help your employees have a source for important employment information, but it will also protect business owners from potential issues that could arise from not having policies and practices in place and in writing.

Minimized Employment Risks

From proper onboarding procedures to efficient interviewing techniques to effectively managing employee relations or issues, an HRO can help small businesses prevent a variety of potential problems that can occur from attempting to handle these tasks alone. It will always be to a company’s advantage to work alongside HR experts and professionals when it comes to employment risks.

Professional Supervisor and Employee Training

Investing in supervisor and employee training will prove effective to the company’s bottom line. When employees are properly trained, productivity will improve, and a business will be positioned to run smoothly. Training from HR professionals will also positively improve your company’s reputation with external clients and customers.

Payroll, Tax Administration, and Year End W-2 Processing

Every employee wants to be paid on time and without error. So, it’s of utmost importance for small businesses to ensure proper management of payroll, as well as payroll tax administration and W-2 processing at the end of each year. Small businesses cannot afford to deal with potential errors or mistakes from the mishandling of payroll or taxes. An HRO can make sure your bases are covered.

Wage Garnishments

Though no employer desires to deal with wage garnishments, it’s a must that small businesses be prepared to handle these matters, in the event a situation arises. An HRO will make sure you are properly prepared to handle wage garnishments and compliance with regulations.

Access to Certified HR Professionals

Though a company can hire individuals to handle HR-related tasks, having access to certified HR professionals through an HRO can save time and money, while minimizing risks. Whether a small business HR employee works directly with the HRO or the HRO exclusively handles your HR needs, it will be to the employer’s advantage to enlist the assistance of an HRO.

Access to Brokering Services for Negotiation of Contracts

Contracts can often be difficult to navigate, and the legal implications associated with them can be critical to the success of your business. Allowing an HRO to advocate for you with contractual negotiations through brokering services will always be to a small business employer’s advantage.

The professionals at LBMC Employment Partners have been providing leading edge HR services for more than 16 years. The team’s background and breadth of career experience enables them to assist companies in all areas of Human Resources. Through various service models, LBMC Employment Partners has eliminated the need to seek multi-vendor relationships, while providing a more efficient, cost-effective approach to running a business.

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