No matter the size of your company, your employees are your most important asset. Positive culture and process should begin at the top. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, your employees play a major role in making that process happen.

There are key things you should do as a business owner to not only create a productive and efficient culture but also to ensure you hire the appropriate employee for the job. For an entrepreneur that has one or multiple start-ups, hiring the right people and managing them effectively is a very important task.

Four Human Resources Tips for CEOs

An efficient process starts before your employee’s first day.

Create an interview process that is inviting to qualified candidates. Take inventory of the roles needed in your new business before writing the first job description. This will allow you to create a team that complements each other.

Document all of your policies and procedures and follow them. 

Employees perform better in stable and predictable environments. Many start-ups are in open creative and collaborative workspaces or possibly allow their employees to work remotely from across the country or from home. By setting the tone in the interview as to what your expectations are and what your office culture should be, you will ensure that there are no surprises later.

Create a process for performance reviews and stick to them.

Employees need to receive feedback from their superiors, whether it’s positive or negative, especially if you employ millennials. Studies show that Generation Y, born between 1980-2000, responds well to frequent input on how they are performing and often times are more productive when told they are doing a great job.

Companies of all sizes should fill all HR roles with a professional who is trained in human resources or by an HR outsourcing firm.

CEOs have a company to run and grow, industry to be an expert in, and a team to lead. It is important that you allow someone professionally trained in human resources to not only manage any issues that might arise with an employee but also someone who is an expert in government regulations and compliance.