What keeps a CIO up at night?

We sat down with LBMC Technology Solutions’ own Dave Roberts and Nick Ciero, who both hold the role of virtual CIOs for several area businesses. When asked what keeps a CIO up at night, below are a few of the top sleep-preventing issues.

Insurance Company Has Success with OnBase

The Podiatry Insurance Company of America implemented OnBase by Hyland into their practice. Read how this streamlined business tasks, prompted action and immediate responses to their patients and clients.

Evolving Content Services Improve the Insurance Industry

Insurance providers can leverage cloud-based content services to increase their profitability and customer satisfaction. Content services allow insurance companies to collect, create, and use vast amounts of information in real-time. Insurers are increasingly gaining advantage by leveraging unstructured data.

IRS watching captive insurance companies closely

With new regulations going into effect it’s important that companies make sure they are following all the rules and safeguards when they take advantage of this tax benefit.