Digital Transformation is a topic that has transcended the IT industry and gone mainstream over the past few years. At first, the concept may have been difficult to grasp, but you did your research and discovered that digital transformation was much more than the technology itself. You found that digital transformation was more about a journey than a destination, and you could utilize technology to create efficiencies, gain insights, and engage with customers across existing systems. As your digital transformation strategy evolves, one critical area to develop is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

For years, vendors have sold solutions that converted paper documents to digital documents. This approach was a good first step in the move towards digital transformation. However, solutions today are much more powerful. 

Information is more than digitizing documents

Converting your paper documents to digital is only part of the equation. Now, in your business, massive amounts of information flow into and out of your organization and, quite often, there isn’t even a document associated to the process so we must begin to think bigger.

Workflow should be more than routing documents

Too often, solutions claiming to have “workflow” in their arsenal mean they could route an electronic document from “Bill” to “Tom” since he was the next step in the process. What is evident today is that as information flows through your organization, it is not linear, and many engagement points interact with that data. These engagement points often are not even individuals, but rather systems or data sources. Workflow systems now need to be flexible and dynamic, automatically ensuring that information flows as efficiently as possible and in compliant ways, eliminating manual errors and ensuring better controls.

Integration is key to everything

These goals are only possible if your IPA solution integrates and interacts with systems in and outside of your organization. Too often, document management systems view themselves as another silo-based system in the infrastructure. However, these systems have the potential to collect as much information as possible across disparate sources and build more efficient, optimized processes.

Start your IPA journey

LBMC is here to help you take the next step in transforming your organization with IPA. We partner with Hyland Software, developer of the enterprise content management and process management software suite, called OnBase. Through this partnership, we can help you optimize your processes and reduce cost based on the specific needs of your business. Let us know how we can help.