If you aren’t comfortable with the answers that you get to any of the questions below, or if you have questions of your own, LBMC has world class cyber security capabilities that can help your organization identify, measure and manage security weakness.

Are we comfortable we know what data we are storing and where it lives? 

    • IT Speak: Have we identified all the types of sensitive data in our organization, and do we have an inventory of where that data resides?

How do we know our data is protected?

    • IT Speak: How well-protected is our high-value and sensitive information?

What were the results of the most recent penetration test?

    • IT Speak: How often do we assess our susceptibility to compromise?

How can I be assured we will know before our clients if we have had an issue with our data security?

    • IT Speak: How quickly would we know if we had a security breach?

Do we have a written response plan?

    • IT Speak: Does the cyber security function have access to adequate resources to maintain the appropriate level of data protection against cyber threats?

At LBMC Information Security, our expert security and audit professionals provide the full spectrum of services to protect your employees, your clients and your sensitive data with customized, cost-effective solutions that enhance security and reduce risk. Learn more about our security consulting services.